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BUBBLEGUM CBD resin 10% 1g is an excellent product very rich in cannabidiol. Manufactured by the famous brand Plant Of Life, this solid resin of 1 g is flavored with chewing gum to provide you with all the benefits of CBD for a general well-being.

What is the composition of CBD resin BUBBLEGUM 10% 1g?

The CBD resin BUBBLEGUM is designed in the standards to ensure the health of the consumer. It is made of natural hemp bud extract. The producer Plant Of Life always makes sure to use the best qualities of natural hemp plants during the manufacturing process. The CBD extraction is then mixed with the chewing gum flavour for ease of consumption. The THC content is less than 0.2%, so this CBD product is not harmful to the body.

The finished product is 100% pure, in solid form and weighs only 1g. It does not contain any pesticides or toxic products. Before being put on the market, the resin undergoes several checks to confirm its quality.

What are the effects of this resin on consumers?

BUBBLEGUM CBD resin is an excellent way to transfer to you the therapeutic, soothing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic virtues of legal cannabis. Its 10% concentration of CBD is largely sufficient to bring your body an optimal well-being. The feeling of relaxation is instantaneous, without euphoria, and the good mood can last for hours. However, overdosing is not beneficial for your health.

How to consume BUBBLEGUM CBD resin?

The health and pleasure of the consumer are priorities at Plant Of Life. To benefit effectively from the benefits of CBD BUBBLEGUM resin, it is advisable to enjoy it as an herbal tea or juice. When preparing it, remember to add a fat (honey, milk, butter ...) to optimize the yield. You can also inhale or vaporize the resin, but make sure you have the best quality vaporizer.

On the other hand, this solid resin can be incorporated into any of your favorite dishes. Whichever way you consume it, the resin will seduce you with its candy-like taste and smell. Moreover, it should be noted that CBD BUBBLEGUM resin cannot be smoked under any circumstances. This process represents a great danger to health.

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