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Because of the fact that it comes from cannabis, CBD resin sometimes has a bad reputation among some consumers. However, it is a product that is extracted from hemp plants with a very low THC concentration. Available in several varieties, we are going to present you here the resin CBD Chocolate 10 % 1g.

How is CBD resin obtained?

CBD resin comes from the secretory glands and flowers that the female plant bears. There are several techniques to make this CBD product. We will talk here about the sieve method. It consists in dissociating the trichomes of the cannabis thanks to a sieve with suitable meshes. We are thus in the presence of a bowl which is covered with a fabric and on which the flowers are posed.

Then there is another plastic that covers it all. You need to use chopsticks to beat the top part so that the trichomes land in the bowl. This will allow you to obtain a trichome powder that will be useful for the production of the CBD resin. After that, the extraction will be flavored with chocolates and you get the CBD Chocolate resin with 10% CBD content.

How to consume CBD resin?

CBD resin can be consumed in several different ways. In infusion, by inhalation or by vaporization..., you have the choice between different effective methods to take advantage of the virtues of this resin. You even have the possibility of incorporating it in your culinary recipes. In this case, you must choose dishes that do not have a long cooking time at the risk of denaturing the CBD contained in the resin.

How to dose CBD resin?

The right dosage of CBD resin is not always easy. The dosage depends primarily on the variety of the product, the way you consume it and the reason why you are consuming the CBD resin. However, it is recommended to consume 0.5 mg of CBD per kilogram of your body mass.

As far as the legislation on the resin is concerned, there is no need to worry, as it has a THC concentration that does not exceed 0.2%. The consumption of CBD resin is therefore completely legal and has no negative effect on your body. On the contrary, you will benefit from the de-stressing and soothing effects as well as the therapeutic properties of CBD.

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