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Jelly CBD Watermelon 22% is a CBD resin variety, designed to allow CBD users to consume cannabidiol in a healthy and legal way. In addition to its sweet aroma that will delight your taste buds, it will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of CBD. We will introduce you to Watermelon 22% CBD Jelly, its therapeutic properties and the method used to make this premium resin.

Where does Watermelon 22% Jelly CBD come from?

Thanks to scientific advances, it is now possible to obtain a CBD product in a natural way. This is the case of the Watermelon CBD Jelly which is obtained through an extraction of industrial hemp in a 100% certified way. Its CBD content of 22% and its low THC content allows you to explore the benefits of CBD to the human body.

The CBD extraction process tends to produce a sweet smell and a tropical taste. Its watermelon flavor is sure to please fans of fruity-tasting CBD products. To ensure the quality of the resin, it undergoes a series of laboratory tests before being released for sale.

What does it feel like to consume Jelly CBD Watermelon 22% resin?

CBD has several therapeutic virtues and you can take full advantage of them through the Jelly CBD Watermelon 22%. Within the first few minutes of consumption, this product provides you with analgesic and relaxing effects. Also, many people turn to this product because of its calming and soothing properties, which help relieve muscle pain.

Jelly CBD Watermelon 22% also helps to combat stress and anxiety. Thanks to its high CBD content and low THC content, this product does not provide any psychoactive effect. You can consume it by vaporization or in an herbal tea, but it is recommended to add a fatty substance like milk or honey for example.

Is there a particular dose to be respected?

As with most CBD resins, there is no standard dosage for consuming Jelly CBD Watermelon 22%. The dosage depends on you and the way your body reacts to the product. In principle, a small dose is enough to obtain satisfaction. But if not, you can increase the dose, but gradually until you get the desired effect. However, it is strongly advised against smoking this resin. Note that the use of this resin is entirely legal, because its THC content is less than 0.2%, which is the legal amount authorized by the government.

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