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Résine CBD BANANA 10% 1G

BANANA CBD Resin 10% 1G

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CBD products are on the rise because of their many benefits to the body. Among the most popular varieties, there is the CBD resin BANANA 10%. This concentrate extracted from medical cannabis contains 10% cannabidiol and is characterized by its fruity banana flavor. What are its characteristics? What are its benefits? How to consume it? All the answers are here.

What are the particularities of this CBD resin?

CBD BANANA 10% resin comes from the trichomes of CBD flowers and is characterized by its high cannabidiol content. It contains more cannabinoids, which justifies its rather powerful effects after consumption. Moreover, this resin provides a soft flavour with the aroma of banana.

It can be consumed by beginners as well as the more experienced. Indeed, this resin is balanced and produces a comforting scent that gives you the impression of consuming a mixed drink of juice and herbal tea based on cannabidiol.

What are the benefits of this resin?

CBD BANANA 10% resin helps to naturally reduce some pain, anxiety and stress. The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are felt within moments, giving you a sense of calm and well-being. Moreover, despite its CBD content, this resin does not cause any psychoactive effects.

In addition to these effects, the consumption of this CBD resin relieves your muscles and joints. All the tensions accumulated in your body are released to allow you to feel better physically. Moreover, mentally, this CBD resin gives you a real feeling of joy and good mood after consumption.

How is CBD resin consumed?

The consumption of CBD resin is not prohibited when it is free of THC. Thus, you can consume it as an infusion or mix it with your various culinary preparations. On the other hand, you can inhale or vaporize it using a flammable bowl or holder. In addition, you can also use resin vaporizers with a grid.

This CBD resin can also be eaten after being heated in an oven at 110°C for a few minutes. However, smoking CBD resin is prohibited due to its smoke containing compounds that are harmful to humans and their environment.

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