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Jelly CBD COOKIES 22% 1G

Jelly CBD COOKIES 22% 1G

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Do you love COOKIES, pastries or chocolate? In that case, the Jelly CBD COOKIES will quickly become your best friend. With this resin, you will always have the impression to crunch one of your favorite delicacies. In addition, it will bring to your body the many beneficial effects of CBD.

What are the benefits of Jelly CBD COOKIES 22% 1g?

By being solid, this CBD resin is easier to handle and store. It is available in a 1g package which makes it very easy to take. Moreover, it is produced by Plant of Life which ensures a rigorous control at each stage of the production.

Jelly CBD COOKIES 22% 1g is naturally extracted from the trichomes of hemp plants, which gives it a high concentration of CBD. With small doses, the effects are already apparent and the flavors are increased tenfold. It is also a product that is legally permitted for consumption, especially since its THC content is well below 0.2%.

What are the effects of Jelly CBD COOKIES 22% 1g?

Jelly CBD COOKIES is suitable for people who have already consumed cannabidiol once, even if it is a less concentrated product. With a concentration of 22% CBD, the CBD COOKIES resin promotes an almost immediate relaxation. It offers all the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of cannabidiol.

In addition, this resin is an excellent way to relieve anxiety, find a restful sleep and obtain a total physical and emotional well-being. In vaporization or in herbal tea, this resin provides you with its full chocolatey, sweet and very comforting scent.

What should I know about the dosage of this resin?

Due to the high concentration of CBD in this resin, it is recommended for beginners to go as slow as possible and consume this resin in the evening. For the regulars of cannabidiol also, it is not recommended to abuse it from the start, but moderate consumption during the day is possible.

Depending on the concentrations of CBD contained in a product, the body has different sensitivities. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, it is best to start with low and regular doses. Avoid following a dosage recommended by a friend and remember that this resin is absolutely not a medicine.

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