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Jelly CBD CHERRY 22% 1G

Jelly CBD CHERRY 22% 1G

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Plant Of Life

Jelly CBD CHERRY resin is a variety of the brand Plant Of Life, known for the quality of its products. With a strong power, this resin displays a CBD content of 22% for a small mass of 1 g. For your gustatory pleasure and your general well-being, this resin makes you benefit from its exquisite taste and its aromatic flavor.

How is CHERRY CBD Jelly 22% 1g obtained?

Jelly CBD CHERRY is a natural concentrate of industrial hemp plant head extract. Without chemicals, the manufacture of this resin follows a rigorously healthy process according to the standards in force. This has resulted in a solid, quality product rich in CBD. This is what makes Plant Of Life products so special.

Its THC composition respects the recommended dose which is less than 0.2%. Totally legal, CHERRY CBD Jelly respects the regulations in force in the European Union concerning the production of legal and therapeutic cannabis.

How to consume this resin?

There are several ways to consume CHERRY 22% CBD Jelly Resin 1g to fully benefit from its beneficial properties. First, you can make a tea or take it as a natural juice. Secondly, you can vaporize or inhale the resin to benefit from its fresh and healthy vapor.

Finally, the resin can be incorporated into any dish of your choice. In either case, the sweet taste and pleasant flavor of this resin will make you enjoy an exceptional experience. But, you should refrain from smoking it, as it will become very toxic to your health.

What are the benefits and effects of Jelly CBD CHERRY resin?

To ensure you happiness and pleasure, this solid resin of Plant Of Life is generous and bewitching. With its high concentration of CBD (22%), you can enjoy its therapeutic, soothing and analgesic properties. Physically and mentally, you will have a feeling of general happiness. This product also helps to soothe chronic, acute pain, your sleep, as well as reduce nervous tension, stress and anxiety. It has no psychoactive effects and gives you a real feeling of well-being without euphoria.

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