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BUBBLEGUM Jelly CBD resin is a 100% natural extraction obtained from EU certified hemp plants. It has a bubblegum aroma combined with the earthy cannabis aroma. It will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol while reconnecting you to the sweet flavors of childhood.

How do we get BUBBLEGUM CBD Jelly?

BUBBLEGUM CBD Jelly is extracted from organic cannabis plants. These plants do not contain any chemical substances. To obtain the resin, an extraction is carried out to separate the trichomes from the CBD flowers. Like all CBD resins from the Plant Of Life brand, it has undergone strict quality controls. Its BUBBLEGUM aroma is the effect of the plant's terpenes.

With a cannabidiol content of 22%, BUBBLEGUM CBD Jelly is the most concentrated CBD resin in the BUBBLEGUM range. Its fruity chewing gum aroma gives it a sweet candy taste. And as required by regulation, the THC content of BUBBLEGUM Jelly CBD resin is less than 0.2%.

The effects of CBD Jelly BUBBLEGUM

Its resin form and its terpenes of BUBBLEGUM make of the Jelly CBD BUBBLEGUM a resin highly concentrated in cannabidiol. A small amount of resin will be enough to make you feel all the anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and analgesic effects of CBD.

Therefore, this resin soothes pains, whatever their nature. It is also a good relaxant for moments of relaxation. By its soothing properties, it makes your days less stressful and more restful. It is also used to limit addiction to narcotics and helps to soothe gastric disorders.

How to dose the Jelly CBD BUBBLEGUM?

Due to its high concentration of cannabidiol, a small dose of BUBBLEGUM CBD Jelly is enough to feel the effects. Although there is no risk of overdosing with CBD, it is advisable to start with small doses and to opt for an irregular consumption.

The wrong dosage or method of consumption of CBD could expose you to harmful side effects. You can always increase the dose as you go along if the need arises. But, ideally, you should start taking it after consulting a doctor.

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