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Jelly CBD CRITICAL MASS 22% 1G Plant of Life


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Plant Of Life

Made from pure, chemical-free cannabis plants, CRITICAL CBD Jelly 22% 1g offers you fruity, berry-like flavours. With a CBD content of 22%, it provides you with absolutely all the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol.

Benefits of CRITICAL CBD Jelly 22% 1g

The first advantage of this resin is its exceptional quality. It is developed by the brand Plant of Life. In other words, it has undergone rigorous quality controls before being marketed. It is also prepared in strict accordance with the standards in force, which approves its use legally.

CRITICAL CBD Jelly 22% 1g does not produce any psychoactive effect, since its THC percentage is always lower than 0.2%. It is very appreciated for its powerful therapeutic virtues and its exceptional flavours. Moreover, this resin can be consumed in various ways while preserving its precious and pleasant aroma.

Effects of CRITICAL CBD Jelly 22% 1g

CRITICAL CBD Jelly 22% 1g is known for its relaxing and slightly sedative effects. It impresses in particular by the power of its aromas both earthy, spicy with some nuances of citrus. Very effective in the fight against sleep disorders and lack of appetite, it also helps you to soothe muscle pain, but also those bones and joints.

This resin also allows the relief of chronic pain and the appeasement of intestinal disorders. With CRITICAL CBD Jelly 22% 1g, you will enjoy a feeling of well-being on a daily basis. Also, it is a very useful substance for those who wish to feel more relaxed and concentrated at work. In addition, it causes very few side effects, which are also insignificant.

What is the appropriate dosage for CRITICAL CBD Jelly?

To consume CBD in general and CBD CRITICAL resin in particular, there is no universal dosage. Indeed, many factors must be taken into account. Also, you should know that each body reacts differently to cannabidiol and that its consumption always starts with a small dose. This is why the advice of a doctor is strongly recommended. But make no mistake, this resin is not a medicine and can in no way replace a therapeutic treatment.

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