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Jelly CBD AMNESIA HAZE 22% 1G Plant of Life


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Plant Of Life

From an exceptional variety of cannabis, the Jelly CBD HAMNESIA HAZE is a CBD product that has a positive impact on the body. It is a perfect concentrate of flavours and therapeutic benefits.

Process of obtaining the Jelly CBD AMNESIA HAZE 22% 1g

The Jelly CBD AMNESIA HAZE 22 % 1g is obtained from the extraction of the trichomes present on the buds of the cannabis plants of the variety AMNESIA HAZE. The aromas found in this resin are nothing other than those of the flowers from which it is extracted.

You will find notes of citrus, pepper and pine skilfully combined. It is a cocktail of very intense freshness that Plant of Life has taken care to control rigorously before its release on the market. It is a CBD product of high quality whose consumption is completely legal on the French territory. This is not surprising, as the THC concentration in this resin is less than 0.2%.

Consumption patterns of this resin

To consume the Jelly CBD AMNESIA HAZE 22% 1g in a healthy way, you can opt for an infusion in herbal tea, in juice or in your recipes. However, you must ensure that the resin does not remain in contact with fire for a long time.

To make the resin more miscible, you can add some fat to your preparation. If, on the other hand, you prefer to get drunk on the different scents present in this resin, try inhalation or vaporization. Of course, you must get a quality vaporizer to enjoy a unique experience.

The appropriate dosage for the Jelly CBD AMNESIA HAZE

AMNESIA HAZE Jelly is highly concentrated in CBD (22%). With such a content, small doses are already sufficient to benefit from the soothing effects of cannabidiol. Moreover, this form of resin is more suitable for people who are used to consuming CBD than for beginners.

In any case, this resin is known to relieve stress while making its consumer more sociable and energetic. It can be consumed throughout the day without fear of any side effects. However, be aware that this CBD product is not a medicine. Therefore, remember to consult a doctor before consuming it.

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