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Jelly CBD OG KUSH 22% 1G Plant of Life

Jelly CBD OG KUSH 22% 1G

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Plant Of Life

KUSH OG CBD Jelly is a CBD product extracted from industrial hemp. It has a CBD content of 22% and its earthy aroma is enhanced by notes of citrus, pine and spice. Subjected to numerous laboratory tests, the authenticity and quality of this resin is proven and confirmed.

How do I get KUSH OG CBD Jelly 22% 1g?

Jelly CBD OG KUSH is a Plant Of Life resin flavoured with terpenes from the OG KUSH cannabis variety. It is extracted from the trichomes of cannabis flowers. These contain cannabinoids and terpenes which are separated and processed. A thermal process using butane is used to recover the CBD resin.

The OG KUSH variety provides the necessary to bring you a lot of benefits to your body and a pleasant sensation to the palate. With a THC value of less than 0.2%, OG KUSH CBD Jelly does not produce any psychoactive effects. It is therefore legal for consumption.

The effects of CBD OG KUSH Jelly

Since it is in resin form, the CBD OG KUSH Jelly is more concentrated in cannabidiol. The consumption of this resin will allow you to feel the effects of CBD in an optimal way. It is especially appreciated for its relaxing and soothing effects. It acts as a sedative that calms insomnia and sleep disorders. It is also an effective solution to reduce anxiety attacks, stress and anxiety.

In addition, the resin relieves digestive problems such as lack of appetite and nausea. It is good for the mind by helping to soothe migraines and mood swings. However, be aware that CBD OG KUSH Jelly is not a medicine and therefore it does not cure. Rather, it is a product that provides immediate and lasting relief from certain ailments and symptoms.

How to properly dose KUSH OG Jelly CBD

Although there is no precise dosage for the consumption of Jelly CBD OG KUSH resin, there are some recommendations. For a beginner, it is best to start with small doses with irregular consumption to adapt to the effects. Also, it is strongly discouraged to follow another person's dosage for yourself, as CBD sensitivity varies from body to body.

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