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Résine CBD STRAWBERRY DIESEL 10% 1G Plant of Life


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SRTRAWBERRY DIESEL CBD resin is one of the CBD product varieties from the famous Plant Of Life brand. In a 1g solid format, this resin offers the consumer a combination of CBD benefits and sweet wild strawberry flavor. Whether for pleasure or to relieve an ailment, this product will provide you with an exceptional experience.

How is STRAWBERRY DIESEL 10% 1g made?

For the health and pleasure of the consumer, Plant Of Life always chooses the best qualities of hemp plants to manufacture its CBD products. Thus, the CBD resin SRTRAWBERRY DIESEL is made of natural extract of the heads of cannabis plants flavored with Strawberry.

The CBD content of this resin is 10% and its composition respects the regulatory THC level, i.e. less than 0.2%. At the end of the manufacturing process, the product obtained is in a 1 g solid format. It undergoes mandatory quality controls before being marketed. In addition, it is a pure and original resin, which means that it has not been repackaged.

What are the effects of CBD STRAWBERRY DIESEL resin?

SRTRAWBERRY DIESEL resin is a mild and potent form of CBD. Consume this resin and you will enjoy the many relaxing, soothing and analgesic benefits of cannabidiol. It is also an excellent awakening of exquisite senses thanks to its strawberry smell. It relieves stress, anxiety and depressive states almost instantly. The problems of insomnia disappear leaving place to nights of more peaceful sleep.

Like all Plant Of Life products, SRTRAWBERRY DIESEL CBD resin is not a psychoactive substance. It does not present any danger for your health. You can consume it in moderation for your general well-being.

How to take the resin to benefit from its virtues?

To enjoy this sweet and mild resin, you can either vaporize it with a suitable vaporizer or inhale it. It can also be consumed as an herbal tea, i.e. infused with warm water or juice. Moreover, it is possible to incorporate it in one of your favorite dishes. Here, it is advised not to let it last on the fire. However, it should be noted that the resin is not a medicine, but rather a food supplement of the most effective.

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