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Résine CBD PURPLE HAZE 10% 1G Plant of Life

CBD resin PURPLE HAZE 10% 1G

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Purpple Haze CBD resin is a product of the brand Plant Of Life characterized by its Purpple Haze aroma. As pleasant to the sight as to the tasting, it has a unique taste. It has a scent close to that of berries and red fruits, both sweet and mild with an earthy aroma.

Benefits of CBD Purpple Haze

Purpple Haze CBD resin is a 100% natural extraction from the terpene-flavoured buds of the Purpple Haze variety of cannabis plant. This CBD resin is highly regarded for its purple buds, floral scent and fruity flavours. Once used for other purposes, it is now available as CBD resin.

It was obtained from the combination of Thai Haze and Dutch skunk which gives it its aromas, its beauty and its various medicinal virtues. It has passed strict and rigorous quality controls which testify to its quality. In accordance with the regulations, Plant Of Life products have a THC content of less than 0.2%, including this resin. It does not present any psychoactive effect and is completely legal for consumption.

The effects of CBD Purpple Haze

Purpple Haze 10% CBD resin will certainly seduce you with its gourmand smell. Thanks to its high concentration in CBD, it will allow you to spend good moments of relaxation while remaining stimulated and lucid. Also, it allows to calm the muscular and nervous tensions, which thus contributes to relieve you of the stress, the anxiety and the crises of anguishes. To be full of energy every day, Purpple Haze CBD resin is also a powerful ally.

How to dose Purpple Haze CBD?

The proper dosage of Purpple Haze CBD resin is specific to each individual. It is necessary to take into account the body mass, the way of consumption and the reason of its consumption. But as a precautionary measure, it is recommended to seek medical advice before taking Purpple Haze CBD resin. To make the most of its effects, you can consume it in the form of an herbal tea or as a food supplement. However, keep in mind that this resin is not a medicine. Therefore, it should not replace a medical treatment.

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