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Résine CBD SOUR DIESEL 10% 1G Plant of Life


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The CBD resin SOUR DIESEL 10% 1g is a powerful product of the brand Plant of Life. Highly concentrated in cannabidiol, it provides all the benefits of this compound in addition to a SOUR DIESEL aroma that will please your taste buds.

How to obtain SOUR DIESEL 10% 1g CBD resin?

The CBD resin SOUR DIESEL 10% 1g is an extraction made from 100% certified organic hemp plants. The extraction is carried out precisely on the pollens of cannabis cultivated without any chemical product. Its CBD content is 10% CBD for less than 0.2% THC. It has no psychoactive effects. This extraction of CBD enriched with terpenes of the variety SOUR DIESEL offers a special, unique and exotic taste.

How to consume CBD resin SOUR DIESEL 10% 1g?

The consumption of this resin is not prohibited by law despite its origin from hemp plants. To take advantage of the many benefits of cannabidiol, CBD SOUR DIESEL 10% 1g resin can be consumed in several ways. Indeed, you have the choice between:

  • Steam inhalation of hot water
  • The infusion
  • The sublingual route
  • Incorporating it into your meals

If you decide to add it to your meals, opt for quick-cooking dishes, as high heat denatures the CBD. You can use CBD SOUR DIESEL resin for many reasons: to relieve depression, to reduce anxiety attacks and stress. Also, it facilitates intestinal transit and is also very effective in overcoming addiction to drugs.

How to dose CBD resin SOUR DIESEL 10% 1g?

The dosage of CBD SOUR DIESEL resin is not standard. Its consumption is generally determined according to the weight of the consumer. Indeed, the impact of cannabidiol on the body is estimated in relation to the mass on which the compound acts. However, for beginners, regular consumption is strongly discouraged, especially at a high dosage.

The ideal is to start with low doses to get the body used to it. Then, you can increase gradually if the need is felt. In addition, it is advisable to consult a doctor to ensure that the consumption of this resin is suitable for you, especially if you are already undergoing treatment.

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