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Résine CBD BLUEBERRY 10% 1G Plant of Life

CBD resin BLUEBERRY 10% 1G

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Increasingly popular with CBD enthusiasts, Blueberry CBD resin is distinguished from other forms of resin by its floral and woody notes. It is composed of a cannabidiol concentrate that provides relaxing and soothing effects without any psychoactive effect on the consumer's health. Find in the lines to follow the essential on the resin CBD Blueberry 10% 1g.

What is Blueberry CBD resin 10% 1g

Born in the 70's, Blueberry CBD resin is a perfect blend of two great varieties: Juicy Fruit and Afghani DJ Short. There are even notes of Mexican, Colombian and Thai strains. The resin is extracted purely naturally and contains 10% CBD and 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (legal level).

It will allow you to enjoy the soothing properties of cannabidiol without the psychoactive effects of THC. It can be recognized by its purple hues reminiscent of field blueberries and its red fruit scent. It is even these elements that have made it so successful on the market.

The virtues of CBD Blueberry resin 10% 1g

Just 10% of cannabidiol is contained in Blueberry CBD resin, but this is more than enough to satisfy consumers, amateurs and experts alike. This level of CBD allows for quick and long-lasting effects without any negative impact on the body. The virtues of this resin intervene as well on the physical level as on the mental level.

It has therapeutic effects on the quality of sleep and on body pains which are largely attenuated. This form of resin also stimulates the appetite while acting on minor digestive disorders. In addition, CBD Blueberry 10% resin is a powerful stress reliever that makes you feel relaxed throughout the day and gives you an absolute sense of well-being.

Blueberry CBD resin 10% 1g : the dosage

Dosing the exact amount of Blueberry CBD resin is not always obvious. Indeed, despite the fact that its consumption meets the legal standards, this CBD resin does not really have a standard dosage. Consumers must adapt the dose to their needs by starting with small quantities. For this, they will have to take into account their body mass as well as their health condition. If you have trouble deciding, then it is best to consult a health professional who will be able to guide you on the dosage of the resin.

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