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Résine CBD OG KUSH 10% 1G Plant of Life

CBD Resin OG KUSH 10% 1G

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The CBD resin OG KUSH 10% 1g is a high quality product developed by the brand Plant of life. Its pleasant OG KUSH flavor will charm your taste buds in addition to providing your body with all the benefits of CBD.

CBD OG KUSH 10% 1g: How to get it?

OG KUSH CBD resin is made with cannabis flowers from natural hemp plants. It is obtained from a natural extraction of these plants and then flavoured with terpenes from the OG KUSH variety. Its cannabidiol content is 10% compared to less than 0.2% for THC. The entire process is carried out by Plant of Life experts who ensure the quality of the product through numerous controls.

How to consume it?

To consume CBD OG KUSH 10% 1g resin, you can proceed by inhalation, infusion, vaporization or by mixing it with meals. But in the latter case, avoid putting it on fire or letting it cook for too long. These are the only methods of consumption of the resin OG KUSH to benefit from the benefits of CBD. The latter relieves you from stress, pain and mood disorders, among others.

It relaxes and soothes you and has properties very similar to those of a natural sedative. It also helps to reduce addiction to certain drugs and relieves stomach disorders. However, the CBD OG KUSH resin is not to be confused with a drug and is to be consumed according to a suitable dosage.

How to dose CBD resin OG KUSH 10% 1g?

Each person's body reacts differently to CBD consumption. You should already avoid asking advice to your relatives who take it to apply the same dosage. For a start, it is advisable to start with very low doses spread over a whole day. You can then if necessary increase the dose taking into account the sensitivity of your body to CBD. There is currently no standard for the dosage. That is why many professionals recommend consulting a doctor.

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