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Résine CBD LEMON HAZE 3,8% 1G Plant of Life

LEMON HAZE CBD Resin 3,8% 1G

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LEMON HAZE CBD is a solid resin with a CBD content of 3.8%. With some HAZE notes, a light lemon, grapefruit and citrus taste, it also allows for a smooth cannabidiol taste. It was made with the best cannabis plants of the variety LEMON HAZE.

How is LEMON HAZE CBD obtained?

LEMON HAZE comes from hemp plants with yellowish buds, embellished with amber trichomes. Its name LEMON HAZE refers to its tangy taste and its yellow nuances. The combination of Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze gives this strain its fresh, acidic, lemony taste. It is a variety of hemp with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. It has a rather low rate of CBD which is 3,8 %, but possesses the same properties as a CBD flower.

Subject to rigorous quality control, it is absolutely natural and legal for consumption. It gives you the benefits of cannabidiol while protecting you from the bad effects of cannabis. Having said that, Lemon Haze CBD resin is not a medicine, but rather it is used to relieve certain ailments. It contains less than 0.2% THC and therefore has no psychotic effects.

How to consume Lemon Haze CBD?

There are several ways to consume CBD resin. For example, you can put it in your food or drinks. But, prefer foods with a short cooking time to preserve the nature of the CBD LEMON HAZE. You can also choose the inhalation which is done with a bowl in which you will put the resin to pass to the fire. Once heated, you will only have to inhale the steam.

This method of consumption will make you feel the effects of the resin more quickly. There is also vaporization, which requires a vaporizer designed for the consumption of the resin. You will have to fill the vaporizer with resin and wait until it is at the right temperature to vaporize it.

How to dose LEMON HAZE CBD?

The low concentration of LEMON HAZE CBD resin makes it suitable for beginners. Nevertheless, it is advisable to start with small doses and then increase them as needed until you reach the right dosage. Of course, the dosage should not be exaggerated and should take into account the desired effect.

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