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Résine CBD CRITICAL MASS 3,8% 1G Plant of Life

CRITICAL CBD Resin 3.8% 1G

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From the Plant of Life product line, CRITICAL CBD Resin 3.8% 1g is made from the finest industrial hemp plants. With its high CBD content of 3.8%, it gives you all the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol. Easy to crumble and store, its sweet aroma promises you an irresistible taste.

Benefits of CRITICAL CBD resin 3.8% 1g

During its manufacture, CRITICAL CBD Resin 3.8% has undergone numerous laboratory tests that have led to satisfactory results. Legally approved, this CBD product has no psychoactive effects, as its THC content is less than 0.2%. Its use for therapeutic purposes continues to grow in popularity because of its many beneficial effects on the body.

The consumption of CBD CRITICAL resin helps you to release muscular tensions and relieves your pains of all kinds. Mentally, it soothes you while keeping you wide awake and more sociable. In addition, it is known not only to optimize your well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, but also to improve the quality of your sleep.

How to consume CRITICAL CBD resin 3.8% 1g?

CRITICAL CBD resin 3.8% 1g can be consumed in several ways. Depending on your sensitivity, you can opt for steam inhalation, for infusion or for incorporation into a meal. Also, it can be mixed with a fat (butter, vegetable oil, milk, etc.) for an optimal fixation of the cannabidiol molecule.

This mixture allows the resin to dissolve more quickly. These are the only safe and effective ways to consume CBD resin. Not only does the flavor retain its potency, but the effects of CBD are also increased tenfold.

How to dose CRITICAL CBD resin 3.8% 1g?

The dosage of CRITICAL CBD Resin depends on the sensitivity of the person who consumes it. Indeed, each organism being different, the ideal dosage may vary from one person to another. That is why it is often recommended to seek the advice of a doctor. However, it is preferable to start with small daily doses, then gradually increase as needed.

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