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Jelly CBD MELON 22% 1G

Jelly CBD MELON 22% 1G

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Is there a product that allows you to benefit from the virtues of CBD without the psychoactive effect of THC? The answer is yes! With CBD resins, you can take full advantage of the therapeutic properties of cannabis without fear that it will affect your body. Among the most popular resin varieties on the market, there is the Jelly CBD Melon 22%. Let's discover this CBD product.

How is CBD Jelly Melon 22% made?

The resin is an extraction obtained from industrial hemp plants. The extraction is done in a 100% certified legal way and creates a strain with a high CBD content, but a low THC content. In the case of Jelly CBD Melon 22%, the resin contains 22% CBD and a tiny amount of THC (less than 0.2%). Being extracted from 100% organic marijuana, it is therefore free of chemicals and pesticides. Its melon aroma will charm you and will make you discover the virtues of CBD under another form.

What are the benefits and effects of this product?

Before being marketed, the CBD Jelly Melon 22% has undergone a series of laboratory tests and the results testify to its quality and authenticity. The therapeutic virtues of CBD are no longer to be proven and many people turn to this product for various reasons.

The use of this product provides a feeling of relaxation and total well-being. Indeed, CBD is known for its soothing and calming properties. Therefore, it is a very convenient way to relieve stress or anxiety. It can also be used to relieve muscle pain. In other words, this CBD resin impacts both the physical and the mental.

What dosage should be followed?

Until now, there is no precise dosage for consuming a CBD product, including resin. The dosage will be determined by yourself through your consumption habits. Ideally, you should start with small doses to evaluate the sensitivity of your body to CBD. Then you can increase, if necessary, to find the right dosage.

As for the means of consumption, you can consume this resin by adding it to your meals or by vaporizing it. In addition, you should know that it is a legal product for consumption and that it perfectly meets the regulations in force.

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