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Do you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD? Then you can opt for Raspberry CBD Jelly 22% 1g. This is a variety of CBD resins, a new way to safely consume cannabidiol. With 22% CBD content, it makes it easy to get your daily dose.

How is CBD resin obtained?

CBD resin is a very interesting way to consume cannabidiol (CBD) easily. It is produced by all kinds of cannabis plants, but even more so on female plants that are not yet pollinated. The sticky substance contains trichomes. Separated from the flower, these contain the cannabinoids and terpenes in high concentrations.

The pollen resulting from their separation is then treated and thermally pressed to form hash. This allows to obtain qualities of aromatic molecules of the resin to avoid losing the flavour of it. Containing 0.2% THC, CBD resin is completely legal and does not give any psychoactive effect. You can therefore consume it without fearing the law.

How to consume CBD Raspberry Jelly 22%?

There are different ways to consume Raspberry 22% CBD Jelly. You can opt to inhale, vaporize, or dab. You also have the option of adding it to a pipe or joint. If you choose inhalation, a simple bowl or non-flammable holder is all you need to benefit from the vapors of this product. This allows you to obtain a quick and immediate effect.

For vaping, you will find on the market vapourizers with a grid specially adapted to the consumption of CBD resin. It is also possible to consume this product in infusion or to incorporate it in your cooking recipes. The Raspberry CBD Jelly offers an exquisite taste when you mix it with your meal for example. You will feel the sweet berry flavor that it offers.

How to dose the Raspberry CBD Jelly 22% ?

The dosage of this CBD resin usually depends on the result you want to achieve or the ailment you want to treat. If it is consumed for health reasons, your dosage will depend on your weight and your ability to absorb the CBD.

Indeed, some people are more resistant than others to the effects of this product. If you use it for sleep, the recommended dosage is 0.25 g per infusion so that the effects are well noticeable. Finally, if it is for the Zen effect, you can dose your resin at 0.15 g.

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