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WATERMELON CBD resin 3.8% 1G

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Thanks to its CBD content of 3.8%, the CBD resin WATERMELON in 1g format will allow you to consume cannabidiol legally and enjoy its benefits. This product will certainly seduce you with its sweet fruity aroma that will bring you pleasure in addition to its relaxing and de-stressing effects.

How to consume WATERMELON 3.8% CBD resin?

Cannabidiol resin is a product that can be consumed in many ways. You can mix it with your culinary compositions in moderation or consume it by vaporization. In the latter case, you must necessarily get a vaporizer designed for this purpose.

In addition, there is also the inhalation method and consumption with a fruity tea. In the case, consider adding a fatty substance to help the cannabinoids dissolve in the liquid. Some consumers of this type of CBD products prefer to mix the resin with tobacco to smoke it.

Be aware that ingesting this product by combustion poses major risks to your health and well-being. With this method, you risk ingesting tar, nicotine, and other dangerous compositions for the body.

The benefits of CBD resin WATERMELON 3.8% 1g

Ideal for a soft initiation, the CBD resin WATERMELON in format 1g offers to the consumers a rate of 3,8 % of CBD. Thanks to its density in cannabidiol, this product will make you benefit from a soft effect, but much more powerful than the effects which gets a flower of CBD. Also, this CBD resin has the analgesic and soothing properties of cannabidiol, which will bring many benefits to your body such as alleviating your physical pain for example.

In times of stress, acute anxiety, this CBD resin will also be a faithful ally. It will help you to calm your mind and to relieve your mental to find a feeling of well-being during several hours. Whether you consume it at the beginning or at the end of the day, it will not alter your judgment. You will keep all your concentration and you will be even more productive.

The flavours of CBD resin WATERMELON 3,8

In addition to its fruity terpene aroma, WATERMELON CBD resin diffuses a sweet and tropical scent that reminds you of Summer. Its sweet watermelon taste will be a pleasant and refreshing surprise for your senses. Moreover, the consumption of this resin CBD is completely legal in France, because it respects the standards in force as regards maximum rate of THC (0,2 %).

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