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Résine CBD Tuttifrutti 3,8%


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CBD is a substance derived from cannabis and has many therapeutic properties. In order to enjoy its benefits, this cannabinoid has been elaborated in the form of a concentrate, including resins. Each resin has its own characteristics, depending on the variety of hemp it comes from. This is the case of the CBD resin TUTTIFRUTTI characterized by its aroma with fruit terpenes.

How is CBD resin obtained?

To obtain this CBD concentrate, laboratories extract the trichomes and then keep the plant glands containing the cannabinoid molecules. In a first step, terpenes and cannabinoids are separated to obtain a kind of pollen or "kief".

The kief is then mechanically pressed and exposed to a heat source to obtain a resinous consistency called CBD hash. The resulting CBD resin has more intense effects and characteristic flavours. For example, TUTTIFRUTTI CBD resin contains 3.8% CBD and has a mild potency. In addition, this CBD concentrate is rich in fruit terpenes.

Advantages of CBD resin compared to other formats

The resin is a CBD concentrate whose characteristics differentiate it slightly from other formats. On the one hand, this concentrate is deliciously fruity and is more potent than CBD flower. Although this resin concentrate only has a 3.8% CBD content, it provides relaxing, smooth and fast effects.

In addition, TUTTIFRUTTI 3.8% CBD resin is characterized by an exceptional aroma that produces an explosion of tropical fruit flavours in the mouth and after consumption. This CBD resin is also characterized by sweet and very slightly acid notes. On the other hand, this resin is of uneven quality both in terms of taste and properties.

What are the effects of this CBD resin?

First and foremost, this CBD resin is legal to consume, as it contains less than 0.2% THC. Besides the flavors in your mouth, this flavored resin will soothe you. You will be calmer and less stressed. Not only will your mind be cleared of distracting thoughts, but you will feel lighter and in a good mood.

Physically, you will feel more comfortable as your muscles become more relaxed. In addition, your pain will gradually dissipate while you are awake and lucid. Another advantage of this resin is that it is very effective in the fight against addiction to addictive substances.

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