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Résine CBD BANANA 3,8% 1G

CBD resin BANANA 3.8% 1G

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Cannabidiol is a substance found in hemp that has several therapeutic properties. It is found in several forms, including resin. Still called CBD hash, this concentrate exists in a multitude of flavors and sweet fruity taste. It is the case of the resin CBD BANANA 3,8 % delivering a fruity flavor of banana.

Advantages of this CBD resin compared to other formats

BANANA CBD resin has a light cannabidiol content of about 3.8%. This resin is also characterized by a sweet and fruity banana flavor. The main advantage of this CBD resin is its flavour mixed with the pungent, earthy smell that characterises medical cannabis.

Moreover, this resin extracted from the trichomes of the Solid variety contains a high concentration of cannabinoids. Thus, those who want to discover the virtues of cannabis can consume it with complete peace of mind. Not only does it not cause any sedative or psychoactive effects, but its consumption also allows you to fight against certain ailments (anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue ...).

How to consume it?

There are no restrictions on the use of BANANA 3.8% CBD resin as long as it is manufactured according to standards. However, it is forbidden to smoke it, as its smoke is toxic. In addition, minors should not consume it. You can also consume it by mixing it into your recipes.

On the other hand, you can vaporize or inhale it using a glass or ceramic container. Alternatively, you can also use a vaporizer with a grid. You can also infuse it or enjoy it as a tea, taking care to add a little fat (honey, oil, butter, milk...). This addition will increase the dissolution rate of the cannabinoids contained in the resin.

How to dose it properly?

The dosage of CBD resin is not standard and requires you to test your consumption to find the right dose. Indeed, to find the dose that produces the effect you are looking for, you must start with small dosages and then gradually increase it.

The ideal dose is the one that makes you sensitive and you should not exceed this dosage after the test. Also, for the consumption test, you can start with a dose of 0.25g per infusion and then increase it. The presentation of CBD BANANA 3.8% resin in 1g format will make it easier for you.

Opinions on CBD resin BANANA 3.8% 1G

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