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Résine CBD BUBBLEGUM 3,8% 1G

CBD resin BUBBLEGUM 3.8% 1G

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If you like the sweet taste of candy, CBD Bubblegum resin will certainly interest you. This product is ideal for harnessing the benefits of CBD with its chewing gum inspired flavor. This combination of sweet flavor and CBD will have you exploring the virtues of cannabidiol in a sweet and legal way. Discover the CBD Bubblegum 3.8% resin.

What is Bubblegum 3.8% CBD resin made of?

Bubblegum 3.8% CBD resin is a 100% natural extraction of industrial cannabis that is guaranteed free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Before being marketed, this resin undergoes several laboratory tests to ensure the quality of the product. Its irresistible scent of fresh, earthy hemp combined with its sweet aroma will give you the benefits of medical cannabis while pleasing your taste buds.

What are the properties of this CBD resin?

Less concentrated in CBD than its 22% version, the CBD Bubblegum 3.8% resin is suitable for beginners, but also for experts. Despite its low CBD content, this product provides very effective relaxing effects from the first minutes of consumption. On a physical level, this CBD product will allow you to relieve muscular pains while providing you with an intense feeling of relaxation.

Mentally, CBD Bubblegum 3.8% resin is also very effective, as it actively fights against stress and anxiety. It can be consumed at any time of the day and will help you to be calmer and less anxious while increasing your concentration to improve your productivity. Although this product is obtained from cannabis, it does not provide any psychoactive effect, because it has a very low level of THC (less than 0.2%). This is what makes it legal to use.

How to consume CBD Bubblegum 3.8% resin?

First of all, this product should not be consumed by minors or pregnant women. You can consume it in various forms: by infusion, by inhalation or by vaporization. In the form of an infusion, do not forget to add a fatty substance such as milk in order to effectively release the cannabidiol. By inhalation, you just have to heat the product and inhale the steam. As for the vaporization, it is advised to use a vaporizer dedicated to this type of use to be able to take advantage at most of the resin.

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