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Résine CBD KIWI 3,8% 1G

CBD resin KIWI 3.8% 1G

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Also known as hashish, CBD resin is an extract of CBD flower resins from cannabis plants. Its CBD content allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a moderate and appropriate way. You will benefit from its many benefits that will relax you while enjoying its unique and tasty taste.

How does CBD resin work?

Among the many properties of CBD resin, there is the therapeutic and anti-inflammatory one. By completely reducing the psychotropic effects of cannabis, you will benefit from its other effects (anxiolytic and analgesic effects).

With this CBD resin, you will be able to enjoy long moments of relaxation thanks to its relaxing and de-stressing power. Moreover, this product acts in a natural way on your nervous system by improving your cerebral activity. In the same way, you will feel its effect through the well-being that it will get you by relieving your muscular pains.

Is Kiwi CBD resin 3.8% 1g legal?

Yes, the consumption of this CBD resin is completely legal. This is because its THC content does not exceed the maximum value allowed by law, which is 0.2%. Therefore, you can consume the CBD resin Bubble-gum 3,8 % without any fear.

It can even be used as an alternative for those who wish to fight against dependence on certain substances (heroin, opium, ecstasy, weed, dopamine, cocaine, etc.). In addition to that, the resin naturally facilitates intestinal transit by relieving gastric disorders. That's not all, because its role as an antidepressant should not be overlooked either.

How to consume CBD resin?

There are several ways to use this product. First of all, you should know that its use or consumption is forbidden to minors and pregnant women. If you are not in these cases, you can consume the resin by infusion in order to enjoy your concoction with a rather particular taste.

You can also opt for vaporization which would allow you to inhale it without any danger. As for the infusion technique, remember to add a fatty substance such as honey, butter or milk so that the cannabidiol is effectively released.

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