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Résine CBD APPLE 3,8% 1G

CBD APPLE resin 3.8% 1G

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Apple 3.8% CBD resin is the product you need if you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD. As the name suggests, this product gives off a sweet apple scent so you can embark on a journey of exotic flavor and extreme relaxation. Much more concentrated in CBD than a flower in its natural state, this product is excellent to initiate gently in the world of CBD.

Properties and virtues of CBD Apple resin 3.8%.

If you are new to the world of CBD and want to get started, Apple 3.8% CBD resin is the perfect option. With its 3.8% CBD concentration, it will give you a deep feeling of relaxation both physically and mentally. You'll feel anxiety and stress melt away while a sense of calm and relaxation sets in. You will also notice a rather positive effect on your muscles and joints. Apple 3.8% CBD resin is also known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Apple CBD resin 3.8% 1g : Zoom on the flavours

Extracted from the best industrial hemp, this CBD product is 100% organic and does not contain any dangerous products for the health like pesticides. Its sweet apple flavor and earthy notes will seduce you and allow you to fully enjoy this resin.

Despite being less concentrated than its 22% version, Apple 3.8% CBD resin is quite light, but it still produces effective and quite intense effects. In addition, with its very low THC content, it does not provide any psychoactive or addictive effects. You can consume it at the end of the day to de-stress after a hard day of work.

How to consume CBD Apple 3.8% resin?

To benefit from the properties of CBD Apple 3.8% resin, you can consume it in different forms. You can take it as an herbal tea, you can use a vaporizer or use it as an ingredient in your meals. To make your herbal teas, it is advisable to add a fatty substance such as milk or butter to effectively release the cannabidiol.

However, this product should be kept out of reach of children and should not be consumed by pregnant women. The use of this product is perfectly legal, because its dose of THC is lower than 0,2 % what answers the law in force in France.

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