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The CBD resin WATERMELON 10% 1g is obtained from hemp plants of superior quality. Thanks to a meticulous control during its conception, everything was implemented for an optimal satisfaction without any risk for your health. You should also know that there are several ways to consume it.

Is CBD a medicine?

In France, the jurisdiction established around the over-the-counter sale of CBD means that it cannot be considered as a medicine. Instead, CBD is categorized as a dietary supplement. Even if many studies exist today to attest the effects of CBD, it would be quite curious to see on the packaging of CBD such mentions.

Whether it's about medicines, drug treatments or treatable conditions, you won't notice anything like that. Finally, even promotional campaigns for products containing CBD that could be mistaken for cannabis are strictly prohibited. Indeed, it is considered a criminal offence to incite the consumption of illegal substances.

What is the composition of WATERMELON CBD resin?

WATERMELON CBD resin 10% is obtained by natural extraction of specific trichomes. Indeed, these are the trichomes covering the hemp buds. CBD flowers are mainly composed of trichomes which contain the famous cannabinoids. The pollen is then obtained after filtering these trichomes. The pollen is then compressed and exposed to a high temperature. This will allow to obtain this resinous form which is very appreciated by the consumers of the cannabis.

How to consume this CBD resin?

If you want to enjoy the powerful effects of CBD with a pleasant taste, the resin is the solution you need because of its high density. This product gives off an exotic scent with watermelon terpenes will surely seduce you with its sweetness. QIt can be consumed by infusion, by vaporization or by addition in one of your dishes, resin WATERMELON 10% CBD will bring many benefits to your body.

As far as legality is concerned, this resin contains less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), in accordance with current legislation. Its consumption is therefore completely legal and you will not be exposed to the harmful effects of the THC molecule.

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