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Tutifrutti CBD resin is one of Plant Of Life's products that consumers of fresh and sweet flavors can't resist. With its 10% CBD concentrate, this product is a resin flavored with exotic fruit terpenes, a real treat for your taste buds. Find out more about this fruity resin.

Tutifrutti CBD resin 10% 1g: the benefits

Lovers of tropical flavours and delights are bound to be pleased with Tutifrutti CBD resin, which offers many advantages. First of all, it is a form of resin ultra concentrated in CBD, because its extraction was directly made on the trichomes of cannabis. The latter have the advantage of having a high concentration of cannabidiol, which is very rich in therapeutic virtues.

In addition, Tutifrutti CBD contains a low level of THC, making it legal to consume and without any psychoactive effects on the body. Added to this is the 10% of CBD that promotes relaxation in consumers. In addition, this form of CBD resin differs from the others by its fresh and sweet fruit aroma that enhances your day with vitamin C.

What are the effects of this CBD product?

Tutifrutti CBD resin 10% 1g is full of benefits for the consumer's body. It provides immediate relaxation effects that last over time. The relaxing effects will help you to reduce stress, anxiety problems while making you in a good mood. Thus, your days will become less stressful and you will be more productive at work.

If you consume it in the morning, it will keep you excited, stimulated and most importantly active throughout the day. In addition, this CBD resin also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce muscle, bone and joint pain.

How to dose Tutifrutti CBD resin 10% 1g?

To obtain a serenity of the body and the spirit with this resin, it is necessary to dose it well. This is valid for novices as well as for experts. If you are a beginner, it would be wise to seek medical advice before using this resin.

If not, you can estimate your own dosage according to your weight and medical condition. The important thing is to start with small amounts of Tutifrutti CBD resin. In general, a small amount can already be enough to get the effects you are looking for. But, if this is not the case, you can increase gradually until you reach the expected result.

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