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CBD resin RASPBERRY 10% 1G

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Enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol with a quality raspberry flavoured resin, that's what RASPBERRY CBD Resin 10% 1g offers you. Combined with the earthy and fresh scent of cannabis, this resin is a cocktail of sweetness simply exquisite.

How is RASBERRY CBD resin 10% 1g obtained?

RASPBERRY CBD resin comes from the natural extraction of trichomes found on hemp plants. These plants have been cultivated naturally, far from any chemical product. After extraction, the substance obtained is flavoured and then solidified in a proportion of 1 g.

Apart from the raspberry, you will find a tasty mix of red berry flavours with slightly sweet nuances. Manufactured by the brand Plant of Life, this CBD resin is of exceptional quality and contains a very low proportion of THC (less than 0.2%). Its consumption is thus completely legal and does not cause any major negative effect on health.

How to consume it?

RASPBERRY CBD resin can be consumed in combination with food or on its own. For example, you can mix it with milk, hot water or put it in your soup. You can also put a small piece of it under your tongue and let it melt or simply proceed by inhalation or vaporization. These are the only recommended methods to consume this CBD resin without any danger to your health.

By choosing either of these consumption methods, you get the taste and fruity aroma of the resin, but also the benefits of cannabidiol. It provides your body with moderate effects, ideal for a great relaxing day. It gives your body and mind a general well-being.

How to dose RASBERRY CBD resin 10% 1g?

With a 10% CBD content, this resin is still powerful. Once you have chosen the method of consumption you want, all that remains is to take a reasonable dose. If this is your first time consuming CBD resin, it is best to take small amounts to get your body used to it.

Also, if you are already a regular cannabidiol user, but have never tried resin, start with low doses. In fact, compared to CBD flowers, resin is more concentrated in both effects and flavours. Therefore, it should be consumed in moderation.

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