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CBD resin PINEAPPLE 10% 1G

CBD resin PINEAPPLE 10% 1G

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The cross between the sweet and slightly acid taste of pineapple and the extracts of hemp plants inevitably gives an explosive flavor. CBD Pineapple 10% 1g offers you just that. Obtained by a purely natural extraction, this resin is a real delight for any cannabidiol user looking for a relaxation solution.

Pineapple CBD resin: what is it?

This CBD product from Plant Of Life has been made from the finest hemp plants with cannabinoid rich trichomes extracted. It is a powerful concentrate that is much more intense than a simple cannabis flower. Moreover, it has no psychoactive effect on the user's body. This CBD resin with intoxicating flavours has been subjected to several tests that confirm its premium quality as a healthy product. With a CBD content of 10%, you will benefit from the many therapeutic virtues of cannabidiol.

How to use Pineapple Resin 10% 1g

To enjoy the sweet and tangy pineapple flavor of Pineapple 10% CBD resin while benefiting from its therapeutic effects, you can choose between several ways of consumption. The sweetness of its smell is perfect for making a good hot herbal tea. You can also add it to your juices.

In either case, remember to add a fatty substance to facilitate the dissolution of the cannabidiol. In addition, you can also opt for consumption by inhalation or vaporization. In the latter case, you must use a cannabis vaporizer. Pineapple CBD can even be combined with your dishes for the pleasure of your taste buds.

What about the dosage?

To optimize the results of using Pineapple CBD resin, it is important to use the proper dosage. Even though the low THC content of 0.2% makes it legal to use Pineapple resin, the right dosage is necessary. However, there is no single dose that is suitable for everyone. To obtain it, you can ask your doctor who will guide you according to your health condition. It is also possible to make a personal dosage with very small quantities. You will then be able to find the dose that gives you satisfaction.

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