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Résine CBD PEACH 10% 1G

CBD PEACH resin 10% 1G

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Manufactured by Plant of Life, Peach 10% CBD resin is extracted from the trichomes found on cannabis plants. For cannabidiol users, it is an excellent means of relaxation and provides excellent therapeutic properties. Also, it will refresh your taste buds with its delicious fruity and sweet scent.

How is Peach 10% CBD resin 1g obtained?

This concentrated form of cannabidiol is obtained by separating the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. The choice of the plant must be made with particular care in order to obtain quality flowers.

From these flowers is extracted a kind of pollen called "Kief" which will become hash after undergoing mechanical pressure and exposure to heat or cold. It is important to note that the aromatization of this resinous consistency can be done before, during or after the harvest to give a delicious flavor and a pronounced taste in Peach.

How should I use Peach 10% CBD resin 1g?

Whether regular or occasional, users can consume Peach CBD resin in several different ways. First of all, you can inhale the fruity aroma from the vapor of this resin. You can also consume this CBD product by vaporization using a cannabis vaporizer to take full advantage of the virtues of CBD.

For herbal tea lovers, the infusion is a more suitable option. They will be able to relax while enjoying the delicious flavour of Peach CBD resin. In addition to this method of consumption, you can also incorporate the resin into your culinary components. But be careful: you must make sure that the cooking time is not long, because the high heat could denature the resin.

The ideal dosage to take this resin

No matter how you consume Peach 10% CBD resin, you will experience the relaxing and therapeutic effects of cannabidiol. The only drawback: there is no standard dosage for the use of CBD. The dosage of this resin will depend on the ailments to be treated and the body mass of the consumer. The latter can consult a doctor to be guided in the choice of the appropriate dose. Otherwise, it is recommended to take small quantities of the resin, then gradually increase until the ideal dosage is reached.

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