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Résine CBD MELON 10% 1G

CBD MELON resin 10% 1G

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The freshness and flavor of Melon is irresistible and even more so when combined with some cannabidiol flavor extracts. To this end, Mango 10% CBD resin will meet all your expectations in terms of taste while providing soothing properties. Extracted as naturally as possible, this CBD resin contains a legal level of cannabidiol and has no negative impact on the body.

Benefits of CBD resin Melon 10% 1g

Delicately sweet with a pleasant aroma, CBD Melon resin has several advantages, the first of which is its low level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is less than 0.2%. This is what makes it legal to use. Then there is the 10% of Cannabidiol which allows CBD Melon resin to have fast effects, but not too intense.

The natural extraction and the numerous controls carried out on this resin before its marketing testify to the quality of this product of Plant Of Life. Moreover, it has no psychoactive effect and its delicious melon taste will please your taste buds.

CBD resin Melon 10% 1g: therapeutic effects

The positive effects of CBD resin Melon 10% g on the body are no longer to be proven. Indeed, it acts in a therapeutic way on most of your ailments. This resin is a powerful anti-stress agent which ensures you an excellent relaxation in order to evacuate all the stress linked to your daily life. You have a pleasant feeling of well-being throughout your day.

Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve you of muscle pain while making you feel good. In addition, CBD Melon resin acts favorably on digestive disorders and also on the treatment of Schizophrenia.

How to dose this resin ?

The dosage of CBD Melon 10% resin depends on several factors, including: your weight, your medical conditions, the desired effects... Therefore, the dosage for a headache will necessarily be different from that related to severe muscle pain.

In order to dose your resin correctly, we advise you to start with small doses and increase until you get the desired result. It is also important to consult a medical professional to help you choose the ideal dose, especially since there is no standard dosage.

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