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Résine CBD KIWI 10% 1G

CBD resin KIWI 10% 1G

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The CBD resin designed in KIWI flavor is a product that has a CBD content of 10%, which gives it a medium rank power. With its KIWI flavour, this Solid resin of 1g per Plant Of Life after consumption, will offer you a unique experience that you will certainly want to repeat. Moreover, you will consume it in all legality.

What is KIWI CBD resin 10% 1g?

This product, the most prized CBD product, is made from high quality hemp plants. For its conception, an appropriate know-how and a particular attention are necessary. This is the reason why these products are strictly controlled in order to offer high quality to the consumers. You will feel much more satisfaction by trying the experience with this product.

It can also be called CBD Pollen or CBD Solid. Know that you can preserve this product by packaging it under seal. You will always enjoy it as much even later. CBD resin with KIWI flavor is a product that can be consumed legally. It is not a psychoactive, narcotic or similar substance.

What is the composition of the CBD resin KIWI 10% 1g?

The effects of KIWI resin are much stronger than the effects of a simple CBD flower thanks to its CBD content reaching 10%. Note that this is a balanced rate that is appropriate for any consumer. To consume it, you can proceed either by infusion, with a juice, a vaporizer or if you prefer, by mixing it to your recipes. No matter which way you choose to consume it, you will soon notice the soothing effects of this product, which will also last for a few hours.

It is important to know that you will enjoy a feeling of physical well-being and mental relaxation with this product. No soporific effect will accompany this state of absolute calm that you will enjoy. Indeed, the objective sought through the design of this product is by no means to make you sleep, but rather to regulate your state of being. You will find yourself very light, with a clear mind without any stress. You can even be more productive in this case. Proper use of Kiwi resin with 10% CBD helps to combat anxiety and relieve physical pain. You will feel a gentle breeze of calmness throughout your body.

What is the scent of Kiwi CBD resin?

Kiwi CBD resin with its sweet taste is a tropical variety that makes you notice exotic flavours like strawberry and kiwi. By mixing this sweet taste with earthy hemp you get a KIWI resin that will refresh the whole body for a long time. You can even enjoy great vaping moments or tasty herbal teas thanks to its woody and vegetal notes.

The consumption of this product is completely legal in France as long as it is done in compliance with the legislative provisions in force. It has been established that its THC content must not exceed 0.2%. It is therefore not composed of a psychoactive effect.

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