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Résine CBD COOKIES 10% 1G

CBD COOKIES resin 10% 1G

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Still called Hashish, CBD resin is widely used for its many medicinal properties. The cannabinoid molecules present in the resin and obtained from the pollen of Indian hemp plants offer very soothing properties. They are increasingly associated with several foods, including cookies. Find out more about CBD Cookies 10% resin in 1g format from Plant Of Life.

What are the benefits of CBD resin cookies 10% 1g?

The CBD resin cookies meet the legal standards in terms of THC content, as they contain less than 0.2%. These cookies therefore do not contain any psychoactive substances that could harm the body. On the other hand, thanks to its 10% BCD content, the resin plays both a soothing and therapeutic role.

Using CBD cookies 10% resin allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of medical cannabis. These include anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties that reduce stress, pain and anxiety naturally. It can also be used in the reduction of various addictions related to certain drugs such as opium, heroin, ecstasy...

How to consume CBD resin cookies 10% 1g

Consuming CBD resin cookies 10% is done in the easiest way possible. The delicious taste of the cookies, which have the same flavour as ordinary biscuits, allows you to eat or savour them happily. You combine the useful with the pleasant in order to obtain satisfaction as for the relief of your evils: chronic pains, stress, gastric disorders... These cookies made up of the resin have even positive effects on the treatment of the schizophrenia.

What about its dosage?

Quality controls ensure that the cookies have the same resin content. The purchase of a box or a bag of CBD resin cookies 10% g can then easily situate you on the quantity that you must eat. To this end, you should know that the use of these cookies should be done gradually. There is no need to start with a high dose, if a small dose can already give you satisfaction. Start with small amounts of CBD resin cookies while analyzing the degree of satisfaction. When it is reached, you will then have control over your dosage.

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