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Wax CBD Amnezia Haze 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Amnezia Haze 66% 0,5ML

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Among the most popular CBD Waxes on the market, there is the Amnezia Haze 66% 0.5 ml Wax. In a 1g of this product, you will get 0.66g of CBD with an aromatic taste. Considered one of the best extractions as far as cannabidiol is concerned, this product is completely legal with a THC level that is less than 0.2%.

Benefits of CBD Amnezia Haze 66

Wax CBD Amnezia Haze 66% comes from hemp plants that are grown in very good conditions. These plants have the advantage of being natural, as no chemicals were used during their cultivation. Also, this form of CBD Wax is full of exceptional effects that are very beneficial for the body.

Thanks to its relaxing properties, this CBD product allows you to be more relaxed at night to enjoy a more pleasant sleep. Apart from its unusual aroma, Amnezia Haze 66% CBD Wax contains other terpenes and cannabinoids that provide an entourage effect. This compound can also be very helpful in relieving stress and chronic pain.

How to use Amnezia Haze 66% CBD Wax

Wax CBD Amnezia Haze 66% is a product that can be taken in two ways. The first option is to inhale it using an electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette). However, before consuming this product, you must first heat it so that it can melt well. Then, you can mix it with the e-liquid you are used to using.

The second option is to mix Amnezia Haze 66% CBD Wax with drinks or food. But before introducing this product in your recipe, it is necessary to mix it with a fat. The same goes for those who wish to combine this CBD Wax with their baked goods.

Dosage of CBD Wax Amnezia Haze 66% 0,5 ml

Concerning the dosage, the Wax CBD Amnezia Haze 66 % being a very concentrated product in CBD, a very small quantity is sufficient to obtain the desired effect. That's why a syringe is offered to help you easily take the appropriate amount. Moreover, although this CBD product is legal, it is not recommended to consume it in a solid or pure state.

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