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Organic Hemp Oil Essence 5% CBD, 10ml

Organic Hemp Oil Essence 5% CBD, 10ml

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Organic hemp oil essence is a concentrate of the different therapeutic virtues of CBD. Also, we offer it with 5% cannabidiol, in a 10 ml glass bottle. Thus, the use and transport of the oil everywhere you go, are greatly facilitated.

Hemp oil essence and its many benefits!

The hemp oil essence that we offer is a non-psychoactive product whose consumption has no side effects for the body. It has many health benefits due to the elements it contains. Indeed, hemp oil essence contains ingredients that make it a anti-inflammatorya pain medication and a anti-aging. It is also a antibacterial which can be used on the skin and scalp.

Hemp oil essence is also a powerful antioxidant. In this regard, its consumption slows down oxidation and prevents free radicals from spreading. Moreover, the essence can be used as a food supplement. It is also a real analgesic, a antispasmodic and a product anti-proliferation.

The positive effects of hemp oil essence

Hemp oil essence is rich in elements capable ofsoothe the spirit and protect the body. To this end, it can relieve anxiety, stress and depression. It also relieves pain and can slow down physical aging. Moreover, in the case of certain diseases, it is consumed to support the effects of chemotherapy. It is also used to maintain the scalp. In this regard, it restores shine and vitality to the hair.

Hemp oil essence can also be used in the field of cosmetics, by being applied to the skin. In this case, thanks to its richness in antioxidants, it moisturizes the skinespecially the dry one. In addition, its relaxing effect allows it to be used as abody massage oil. It can also treat skin infections.

Consumption and dosage

Hemp oil essence is a legal product that can be consumed by oral route. This is thanks to the teat with dropper that its bottle has. You can also put a few drops of essence under the tongue and wait about 2 minutes. Then drink a large glass of water to swallow the product. Also, you can add a few drops of hemp oil essence to the dishes you want to eat.

Concerning the dosage of the hemp oil essence, it is recommended to take one to two drops, twice a day. Moreover, the essence being contained in a 10 ml bottle, it contains about 200 drops. Also, with a CBD content of 5%, it contains about 500 mg cannabidiol, 2.5 mg per drop.

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