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Organic Hemp Oil 5% CBD - 10ml

Organic Hemp Oil 5% CBD - 10ml

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Waking up feeling sick can prevent you from having a good day at work, for example. Fortunately, hemp oil can help you benefit from its relaxing effects throughout the day. For this purpose, we offer you a natural hemp oilwith 5% CBD, organically grown in France.

The advantages of organic hemp oil

We offer you an organic hemp oil, without synthetic additives. It is a 100% pure and natural product that will not cause you any health problems. On the contrary, its use is a guarantee of your health. Indeed, it can ensure the well-being of the whole body: skin, face, hair, hands, feet, etc.. This is due, among other things, to its richness in vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements that are essential in daily care at any age.

Moreover, our organic hemp oils are made from appropriate treatments that preserve the active ingredients of CBD. Thus, they have the advantage of making you benefit from all the properties of CBD.

Another advantage of our hemp oil is that it is packaged in a 10 ml glass bottle. This makes it discreet, so you can keep it with you wherever you go. Also, the bottle of oil is equipped with a pipette with a dropper, which facilitates its use.

An oil with many effects!

Organic hemp oil has properties to relieve anxiety or stress. It also helps to relax, so it can help you fall asleep. It is also involved in the stabilization of the sleep phases. In addition, hemp oil reduces the sensation of pain and soothes skin irritations. Applied to the skin, it cleanses the skin and purifies it of its imperfections. You can also use it on your hair to increase its vitality.

Due to its richness in macro elements, hemp oil can participate in the regulation of exchanges between the cells and the external environment. It can also intervene in the proper functioning of the heart muscle. This is done by providing the essential elements to regulate the heartbeat and blood pressure. It also intervenes to help regulate the metabolism of muscle, heart and nerve tissue.

How to dose your hemp oil

The 10 ml bottle of hemp oil contains 200 drops. The number of drops you need will depend on your weight. Moreover, with a CBD content of 5%, the bottle contains a total amount of 500 mg of CBD. So, one drop of the oil contains 2.5 mg of CBD. Finally, rest assured, it is a completely legal product, so do not hesitate to consume it.

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