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Organic Hemp Oil 10% CBD - 30ml

Organic Hemp Oil 10% CBD - 30ml

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Would you like to control your CBD dosage? With its dropper and its 30 ml bottle, the organic hemp oil that we offer is perfect! Also, it is a plethora of minerals and fatty acids. It also contains vitamins and chlorophyll.

Organic Hemp Oil 10% CBD: a great format!

We offer you a high quality hemp oil which has several advantages. Indeed, it is an oil treated gently, to preserve its most valuable ingredients. This allows you to benefit from all its positive effects. Moreover, organic hemp oil is pure and contains no synthetic additives. It is also concentrated and allows you to take care of yourself on a daily basis.

Another advantage of this format of hemp oil is that it does not contain no THC. Also, it should be noted that hemp plants have a high CBD content and are legal in France. Moreover, they are used in the production of several industrial products. Therefore, you do not risk anything by consuming organic hemp oil.

Moreover, the consumption of organic hemp oil allows you to eliminate the negative aspects of smoking and vaping. Moreover, this format allows a discreet use of hemp oil en public. It also allows for more regular use.

Oil consumption

Organic hemp oil 10% CBD can be taken orally or sublingually. To this end, you can swallow a few drops of the oil directly, depending on your needs and weight. You can also put a few drops under your tongue and keep them there for a while.

Hemp oil is also used to nourish and care for the skin, for example dermal application. It can also be used in case of sleep disorders, migraines, stress and metabolic disorders. Also, it can be used as a food supplement to help calm nausea.

In addition, it allows relief from problems related to various diseases. Finally, this oil is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The right dosage

The hemp oil that we offer is a quality organic product that is completely legal. Also, this 30 ml bottle contains 600 drops hemp oil and 3000 mg of CBD. In addition, each drop contains 5 mg of CBD. Finally, depending on your needs, you can take the oil in micro-dose (one to 4 drops per day), in standard dose (2 to 20 per day) or in macro-dose.

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