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What is the CBN?

Like CBD, CBN is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis. However, it is less known than cannabidiol or THC. Although the subject is not developed, CBN has a role to play and deserves your attention. That's why we tell you everything you need to know about this molecule.

Cannabinol (CBN): What is it?

When cannabis is freshly harvested or still alive, CBN is present in infinite quantities. This molecule starts to appear in large quantities when the cannabis plant in which it is present starts to age.

The chemical process of appearing in large quantities begins when THCA is exposed to oxygen. When this molecule loses its hydrogen, it begins to oxidize and becomes CBNA. This molecule is then exposed to ultraviolet rays or the heat of the sun to finally become CBN.

In order to get enough CBN, it is then recommended to let your cannabis age. As the chemical process indicates, it will be rich in cannabinol. The duration of aging after harvest is about one week.

But why let cannabis age to the point of being rich in CBN?

What are the effects of CBN?

According to numerous researches, CBN plays an important role in the well-being of the individual and has a positive impact on his health. Much like its cousin CBD, cannabinol has many benefits. CBN:

Soothes inflammation

The studies around CBN are not like those of CBD. However, it should be noted that in recent years, research has focused on the subject. The results are quite revealing. During 2016, it is proven after study that CBN has the ability to fight rheumatoid arthritis through collagen. Study results go further to prove that skin and heart damage in people with psoriasis can be prevented. Just use CBN to reduce the production of keratinocytes at the root of the pain.

Gives you an appetite

There is really no impact of CBN on appetite. However, laboratory tests on rodents have shown that cannabinol can act on appetite. These animals were given CBN and found to eat more quickly and over a longer period of time without interruption. In other words, they had a continuous appetite. There is every reason to believe that the results of this experiment can have the same effect on a person.

Fight against glaucoma

According to some research, CBN can fight against hypertension. This disease is also related to glaucoma. Therefore, CBN can help to control it. According to the studies conducted, cannabinol has the ability to reduce intraocular pressure just like THC. Thus, by acting on the latter, the patient suffering from glaucoma can see his pain disappear. However, it is preferable to wait for the final results of the research that is studying the question.

Soothes convulsive seizures

The action of CBN on convulsive seizures remains a track to be deepened. Indeed, the studies that have been conducted go back many years. Tests were carried out on rodents and it was observed that seizures decreased considerably after treatment with CBN. Nothing has been proven yet and more research is needed. However, it is a big step forward to know that cannabinol can help relieve these seizures.

Fighting pain

Recent studies on pain have been done with CBN. The results on rodents in the lab proved that they endured more pain with cannabinol than without it. The subjects of the experiment felt almost no muscle pain. These results add to an older study that proves that THC and CBN activate the same pain pathways.

Now you know that CBN can be versatile. But can it get you high?

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Can CBN get you high?

Don't overthink the question, because the answer is simply no. CBN can't get you high or even get you high. However, cannabinol can influence the effect of cannabis, because CBN can act as a sedative.

In fact, in the course of various research on CBN, it has been found that when consuming it, you can become drowsy if you consume it with THC. Similarly, by combining these two cannabinoids, you can get into a euphoric state. This is all a result of mixing the two. When CBN is taken alone, the sedative effect is no longer present.

CBN and CBD: is there a difference?

CBD and CBN probably sound the same, but are not the same. Remember (earlier in the article) that CBN is obtained once the cannabis starts to age. CBD can be obtained during the cultivation of the plant from crossbreeding.

Despite this difference in origin, CBN and CBD have one thing in common. These two cannabinoids will not make you high unlike THC. They interact with the brain and have no psychotropic effect on you. To go further, both molecules have almost the same benefits and negligible side effects.

Will this mean that CBN is also legal like CBD?

What does the legislation say about CBN?

If CBD is legal in France and THC is not, then it is important to ask what about CBN. Internationally, cannabinol is not classified as an illegal substance. It is therefore legal.

In some countries, notably the USA, the legality or otherwise of CBN depends on the cannabis. Cannabis is classified as illegal in some parts of the country. Thus, cannabinol can be just as illegal depending on whether its purpose is to induce a psychotropic effect or not. In any case, as long as the product consumed has a content of less than 0.2%, CBN enjoys the same status as CBD.

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