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Feel the power of CBD crystals made by Plant of Life directly under your tongue, through an e-liquid or mixed directly into your food. The fast-acting effect gives you a relaxing feeling and helps to ease the pain of some of the most common chronic conditions. Terpsolators or CBD crystals are an ultra pure form of CBD thanks to the supercritical CO2 extraction method. The degree of purity is 99%: nothing less. But beware, this doesn't mean you'll get a high. With CBD, in general, the approach is gentle, and without psychoactive effects.

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CBD Terpsolators: what is it

Terpsolators CBD is a high yielding variety that boasts an exceptional 99% concentration of cannabidiol with a legal 0.01% THC. What makes their charms even more so is their aromatic complexity which is sure to revive your papillas.

The Terpsolators actually refer to CBD crystalsin powderobtained from hemp plantsor cannabis sativa seeds. If you are looking for a concentrated of CBD XXLin its purest form, the Terpsolators CBDwill meet your expectations. They are obtained by CO2 extraction supercritical from industrial hemp plants. They get their aroma delicate flavours from citrus, from mint, natural fruits flavours such as "mango", and terpenes from cannabis farming.

Why you should prefer Terpsolators

The Terpsolators CBDare among the organically grown plantswithout pesticides. They are packed with cannabinoid molecules that give them the therapeutic andmedicinal properties of CBD. CBD Terpsolators are even used in aromatherapy. Plus, they inhibit the negative effects of THC.

Also, thees CBD terpsolators represent a real alternative to CBD combustionplaced in rolling papers. This method of consumption, which involves smoking Indian hemp (still called cannabis herb), is carcinogenic. And it's ultimately the lungs that suffer.

Consuming CBD Terpsolators for what effects?

Among the positive effects of Terpsolators, a distinction is made between anti-inflammatory and bactericide effects. Also, their soothing properties would act as natural antidepressants. They would also help support weaningand relieve nauseaand skin ailments. 

In a hemp plant, there is anextreme variety of terpenes (Linalool, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Mycenae, Nerolidol...) with captivating scentsand particular virtues. Simply inhaling these scents is enough to feel their beneficial effects. According to some scientists, these scents even act as insecticidesfor some plants. 

How to use CBD crystals

To obtain the CBD crystals, one proceeds by isolating the cannabis plants. Therefore, the CBD is isolated from any other molecule, particularly THCused for recreational purposes. These crystals are often sold in boxes of 500 or 1000 mg (1 g). This may not sound like much, but the level of concentration CBD is quite high. If you're not happy with this amount, you can turn to boostersto create your e-liquid

CBD Terpsolators can be used as an ingredient in making e-liquids easy to make for any vaper. It's a multipurpose method that involves dissolving the CBD crystals in a body made of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. You will then add the aromatics. After that, simply vaporize your e-liquid using a vaporizer designed for this use of cannabis. There are even portable vaporizers that work better on the receptors of the nerve system compared to ingestion, the consumption method conventional.

The CBD Terpsolatorscan also be combined with baked goods or other dishes. The best way is to dilute these CBD crystals in fatty acids like shea butter or olive oil. Alternatively, CBD Terpsolators can be incorporated into a vegetable oil or to a cream to be applied to the skin as a massage oil or simply for cosmetic use. The cannabis oil and plant celluloses contained in the Terpsolators ensure integration.  

How to ensure the quality of CBD crystals

To ensure the quality of CBD Terpsolators, you should consider the reputation of the seller, the origin of the CBD crystals, the biological production of the crystals and the level of CBD. Many cannabis growers in Europe do indeed have plantations with a variety of cannabis profilescalled "cultivars" or "chenevis

The growing of marijuanaor sale of herbs or cannabis plants in France is not illegal,but this cannabis productionis strictly regulated. Although there is more or less a depenalisation of cannabis, the legislation of cannabis still considers THCas a euphoriantbecause it containsnicotineand other psychoactive substances. The use of cannabis in France is only allowed below the 0.2% threshold of concentration in THC in the original hemp plant and 0% in the finished product offered for sale.

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