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"I like the Wax best": that's what the famous 80's song would have been called if CBD culture had already been so popular. CBD wax by Plant of Life is a kind of honeyed CBD wax or paste that is much more malleable than resin. It mixes even more easily with a meal. With just a small amount you can experience good effects as the content is very high: 66%. That is 0.66g of CBD per 1g of wax.

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What is CBD Wax?

CBD is a compound extracted from plantscannabis and can come in many different forms. Apart from CBD hemp oil and cannabis resin, this natural compound can also be found in the form of hardened wax which is called "CBD Wax". Still referred to as CBD crumble, CBD Wax is obtained from crystallised CBD oil.  

After the culture of hemp, the vegetable oil of CBD is extracted from the hemp seeds and stalks of the Cannabis Sativa and then fed into a closed circuit. It is then heated to a low temperature and then whipped to remove the residue of the solvent. The resulting CBD Wax is dry, crumbly and rich in cannabidiol. It contains between 10 and 80% cannabidiol, essential fatty acids, cannabinoid molecules in small amounts as well as terpenes in minute proportions.

Is CBD Wax legal?

Wax CBD is completely legal. Even though it is extracted from the cannabis plant, it has a high level of CBD (one of its active ingredients). However, the consumption of CBD and its derivatives is legal. In addition, the THC content in CBD Wax is very low and even zero in the finished product offered for sale in our shop. Likewise, it contains no nicotine or residue from the solvent used for its extraction. This means that Crumble CBD is not psychoactive. This is not the case with all marijuana plants, as some contain psychoactive substances.  

Why buy CBD Wax

Wax CBD is one way to enjoy the real effectsof cannabis consumption. Due to its high cannabidiol concentration, it benefits from medicinal and therapeutic properties. It can therefore be described as "medical cannabis" without claiming that it is a medicine or that it cures any disease. In addition to being non-psychoactive, Wax CBD does not contain psychotropic drugsand does not exhibit any euphoriaeffect. 

In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties. When consumedduring the day, it reduces stress and helps you stay focused to be more productive. For smokerswho are considering quitting smoking of weed or other substances, CBD Wax will be of great help. 

Where to source Wax CBD?

There are several ways to obtain CBD wax, but the specificity of this product requires more caution. It is recommended to buy the wax in a shop specializing in the field. Otherwise, you can find this product on reliable and serious sites like our Magna CBD shop. You will find quality CBD wax and other CBD products (CBD flowers, vegetable oils...) that meet the standards. You can also submit any concerns you have about the dosing of the product and the possible uses.

How to consume CBD Wax

You can consume Wax CBD in two ways: by inhalationor mixing the product with food. To inhale the wax, you can turn it into e-liquid for e-cigarette or heat it directly in a vaporizer or a pipe. In addition, you can mix the CBD crumble with fatty acids (oil or butter) or with other culinary preparations. 

However, it is recommended to heat the Wax before consumption. As CBD wax is highly concentrated in cannabidiolit is advisable to pay close attention to dosage. Note that smoking cannabis herb is not recommended, as its smoke contains harmful elements for the lungs.

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