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Discover our selection of high quality legal CBD flowers. They are perfect for finding calm or relieving pain. All our flowers have a zero THC content and come from a plant with a THC content of 0.2% or less. You can consume CBD flowers by vaporization, infusion, or by inhalation. We deliver everywhere in France FREE of charge in 24-48H and without minimum order, in relay point. Try the power of our flowers and discover the joys of relaxation.

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What is a CBD flower?

It is a flower from a plant of a cannabis plant, but which contains a low content THC content. There are two families: Cannabis sativa (or simply Sativa) and Indica. There is also a wide variety ofhybrids which are generally issued from a cross of the two families or of two varieties of the same family.

One of the active ingredients of this flower is CBD (from the family of cannabinoid family). It acts as an antagonist of THC on the receptors receptors of nervous system to relieve an ailment. CBD flowers are available in several varieties and these differ according to the rate CBD content, the effects of cannabiseffects, the flavours and the flowering period. Note that most of these flowers benefit from a rapid floweringand a flavor and a multitude of aromatic scents. aromatic scents.

What are the effects of these flowers on the body?

When you consumed these CBD flowers, they do not act like drugs and do not present any risk of psychosis oraddiction. From many studies have proven that these flowers have medicinal properties, anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. They strengthen the immune systemsystem, relieve anxiety and have no psychoactive effects like THC.

In some cases CBD flowers flowers provide a mild sense of well-being, promote better concentration and also serve as a painkiller. In addition, they benefit from a genetic heritage genetic heritage, especially at the level of the strains hybrids.

How to consume CBD flowers?

You can consume CBD flowers by inhalationin infusion or with a vaporizer. They can also be used in the form ofcannabis oil after planting and cultivation of Indian hemp. These are the most appropriate methods to take full advantage of the positive effects of this cannabis plant. However, it is strongly advised against smoking CBD flowers, as this may expose your body to harmful substances harmful substances.

These flowers are generally marketed in forms dried to facilitate their uses. They are available in small quantities from bags of 5grams. This is the minimum dose that is recommended for beginners.

Are CBD flowers legal?

The consumption of cannabis is subject to regulation. CBD flowers are part of what is generally called "medical cannabis".medical cannabis or "medicalmedical cannabis». As such, they are intended for medical use without being considered as medicines. The legalization of cannabis occurs when the CBD composition of these flowers is much higher than the THC composition. And in a legal CBD legalflower, the THC content must be less than 0.2% in the original hemp plant and even zero in the finished product.

Also, legal CBD flowers do not produce any substance psychotropic substances and do not cause hallucinations. Cultivate, buy or sell CBD flowers that meet these standards is in accordance with the legislation in force in France. However, handling any other CBD flower that does not meet these conditions is considered illegalwhether it be for medical purposes or for recreational use.

What are the side effects of using CBD flowers?

The side effects of CBD flowers vary from person to person. Most people experience nausealoss ofappetitedryness of the throat or tongue. Others have also reported a tendency to feel drowsy or dizzy.

If you are taking medication, it is important to consult a doctor before using cannabis. This allows you to be aware of the interactions that exist between CBD flowers and the medications you are already taking. Also, the regular consumption of these flowers is not very recommended at the risk of becoming addicted.

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