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Discover our wide selection of top-of-the-range, 100% legal CBD (cannabidiol) flowers. They're perfect for finding calm and serenity in everyday life, while naturally relieving pain, stress, anxiety or sleep disorders.

All our flowers have a zero THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content and come from a plant with a THC content of 0.3% or less to comply with French legislation.

You can consume CBD flowers by vaporization, infusion, or even inhalation. You can even use your flowers in cooking, in all your sweet and savory recipes.

We have a wide range of CBD flowers for you to choose from.

We have CBD Indoor flowers, CBD Outdoor flowers, CBD Greenhouse flowers, Potent CBD flowers and cheap CBD flowers. We deliver anywhere in France FREE of charge in 24-48H and with no minimum order, in a relay point.

Try the power of our flowers and discover the joys of natural relaxation!

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What is a CBD flower ?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a molecule derived from the flowers of the cannabis plant, but which contains a low level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the molecule responsible for hemp's psychoactive effects, while CBD offers only relaxing effects.

Note that the WHO (World Health Organization) confirms the therapeutic benefits and absence of risks associated with CBD consumption. When it contains no or very little THC, cannabis does not induce any form of dependency or side effects.

There are two families: Cannabis sativa (or simply Sativa) and Indica. There is also a wide variety of hybrids, which are generally the result of a cross between the two families, or between two strains from the same family.

One of the main principles of Cannabis sativa is its ability to produce high yields.

One of the flower's active ingredients is CBD (from the cannabinoid family). It acts as a THC antagonist on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system to relieve pain. As such, CBD is often used to fight stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and most aches and pains that can arise in everyday life. All 100% naturally.

CBD flowers are available in several varieties and these differ according to CBD content, cannabis effects, aromas and flowering period. It's worth noting that most of these flowers benefit from rapid flowering, pleasant flavour and a multitude of aromatic scents.

What effects do these flowers have on the body ?

When these CBD flowers are consumed, they do not act like drugs and present no risk of psychosis or addiction. Numerous studies have proven that these flowers possess an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties. They boost the immune system, relieve anxiety and have no psychoactive effects like THC.

In some cases, CBD flowers provide a gentle sense of well-being, promote better concentration and also serve as painkillers. What's more, they benefit from an exceptional genetic heritage, especially when it comes to hybrid strains.

Thus, CBD flowers can be consumed for:

  • reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions;
  • promote good mood, joie de vivre and serenity;
  • soothe chronic or occasional pain;
  • fight sleep disorders such as insomnia;
  • benefit from deep, restorative sleep to regain energy;
  • soothe everyday aches and pains in a gentle, natural way.

How to consume CBD flowers

You can consume CBD flowers in inhalation using a vaporizer, in infusion or in kitchen. They can also be used in the form of cannabis oil after planting and cultivating Indian hemp.


For those wishing to smoke CBD flowers, we strongly recommend using a vaporizer with a temperature regulator. This accessory helps avoid smoking and combustion, which are particularly harmful to health.


To infuse your CBD flowers and make a delicious herbal tea with relaxing properties, simply cut them finely and put them in hot water for a few minutes. To activate CBD's active ingredients, don't forget to add a fatty substance such as milk or honey.


Finally, you can use your finely chopped and previously heated CBD flowers in cooking, in any recipe of your choice. Ingesting CBD provides long-lasting, relaxing effects.

These are the most appropriate methods for taking full advantage of the positive effects of this cannabis plant. However, smoking CBD flowers is strongly discouraged at the risk of exposing your body to harmful substances.

Smoking CBD flowers is not recommended.

These flowers are generally marketed in dried forms for ease of use. They are available in small quantities starting with 5-gram sachets. The minimum recommended dose for beginners is between 0.2 mg and 1 gram per day.

CB flowers are also available in dried form.

Are CBD flowers legal ?

Yes, CBD flowers containing less than 0.3% THC are legal. Cannabis consumption is subject to regulation. CBD flowers are part of what is generally referred to as "medical cannabis" or "therapeutic cannabis". As such, they are intended for therapeutic use without being considered medicines. The legalization of cannabis comes into play when the CBD composition of these flowers far exceeds that of THC. And in a legal CBD flower, the THC content must be less than 0.3% in the original hemp plant and even zero in the finished product.

Also, legal CBD flowers do not produce any psychotropic substances or cause hallucinations. Growing, buying or selling CBD flowers that meet these standards complies with current legislation in France. On the other hand, handling any other CBD flower that does not meet these conditions is considered illegal, whether for medical or recreational use.

By purchasing CBD flowers from a professional, you are guaranteed to consume a 100% legal product.

What are the side effects of consuming CBD flowers ?

Side effects of CBD flowers are relatively rare and usually caused by excessive consumption. These side effects vary from person to person. In most, we see nausea, loss of appetite, dry throat or tongue. Others have also reported a tendency to drowsiness or dizziness.

Reassure yourself, these side effects are rare and not serious. What's more, they disappear on their own within hours of CBD consumption. That's why we stress the importance of starting with a low dose of CBD to be increased gradually. This will optimize your experience and avoid possible side effects.

If you're on medication, it's important to consult a doctor before consuming cannabis. This will enable you to find out about any interactions between CBD flowers and any medication you're already taking.

How to choose your CBD flowers

Cultivation Indoor

CBD flowers from Indoor cultivation are considered high-end products. And for good reason, indoor-grown CBD flowers require a lot of equipment and attention. Indoors, all cultivation parameters are carefully controlled: temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.

This expensive and meticulous cultivation results in high-quality flowers, with high CBD levels and exceptional aroma profiles. If you're looking for a premium-quality CBD flower, we recommend choosing a flower from Indoor cultivation.

Outdoor cultivation

As the name suggests, Outdoor cultivation refers to cultivation outdoors. Unlike indoor cultivation, this requires less maintenance and virtually no equipment. This makes it an economical and authentic growing method.

In fact, this method of cultivation is the most traditional. It produces more earthy and herbaceous CBD flowers. They are therefore perfect for those looking for a light, simple and effective CBD flower.

Culture Greenhouse

For its part, Greenhouse culture is a blend of the two cultures mentioned above. It involves greenhouse cultivation, so it's outdoors but with a minimum of control and protection. In this way, CBD flowers are protected from external aggressions such as parasites and the vagaries of the weather.

Greenhouse CBD flowers are an excellent compromise if you're looking for a mix of quality and authenticity.

Why buy your flowers from Magna CBD ?

Best value for money

At Magna CBD, we offer a selection of varied, high-quality flowers. All the flowers in our catalog are grown in Europe to guarantee the highest quality.

In addition, this enables us to ensure compliance with European standards and submission to quality controls. As a result, we offer a selection of the best flowers currently available on the market, and at the best prices.

Expert advice

Order your flowers from Magna CBD to benefit from expert advice. As well as offering CBD flowers at attractive prices, we're keen to share our knowledge on the subject.

Each product is accompanied by detailed information on provenance, effects, consumption methods and shelf life. For enthusiasts and the curious, we even have a blog section where we discuss CBD-related topics in greater depth.

Fast, secure shopping

Finally, we've put everything in place to guarantee you a fast, discreet and secure online CBD flower purchase. Trust Magna CBD and taste the best of CBD with complete peace of mind.

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