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Commonly referred to as Greenhouse, a greenhouse culture is one of the growing methods used by cannabis producers. It offers farmers the opportunity to merge indoor and outdoor cultivation into one practice. This technique also produces good quality CBD flowers. You can find CBD flowers of several varieties on magna CBD!.

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What are the cultivation methods of CBD flowers?

In general, the cultivation technique used is mentioned on the description sheets of CBD flowers. Currently, farmers choose the Greenhouse method in order to produce hemp. However, there are other growing methods. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Indoor cultivation

Although recent, this growing method has already proven its effectiveness. It allows growers to have total control over light, temperature, nutrients as well as water. Benefiting from a well-regulated CO2 level, cannabis plants develop in better growing conditions. This process is expensive.

Nevertheless, it allows to limit the losses due to the climate change and to the invasions of pests. Pampered and protected, the hemp flowers have high quality. Rich in CBD, they have pungent aromas and unique flavors with a fruity note. Their THC content is kept lower. As for the yield, the indoor culture allows you to obtain up to 400 grams/m2 with a 600 watts. As for the price, it is a little higher.

Outdoor growing

The oldest technique, outdoor or free-range cultivation allows cannabis to flourish in natural conditions. They enjoy the benefits of light, water, sun and soil. Requiring less expense, this method offers you a variety of perfectly natural flowers. It is distinguished by its flavors with a woody note. However, hemp plants are exposed to sudden climatic changes such as drought, high heat, storms, etc. They are also not safe from pests and insects. As far as yield is concerned, a successful session yields an average of 200 grams per plant. The price of outdoor CBD flowers is relatively low.

The Greenhouse culture

The Greenhouse variety of CBD flowers is about the flowers of the hemp plant that come from the greenhouse cultivation. It is a method between indoor and outdoor. This practice has many advantages. It allows the cannabis plants to benefit from natural light. Protected from pests and bad weather, these take their strength from the soil. At the same time tasty and perfumed, the flowers obtained present a significant rate in CBD and less high in THC. They have fleshy and dense heads. Their price is accessible. The Greenhouse method thus ensures top-of-the-range products with a good quality-price ratio. It allows producers to obtain about 40 grams of dried cannabis.

What are the advantages of CBD flower in Greenhouse?

Greenhouse cultivation or greenhouse cultivation creates an ideal microclimate to optimize the flowering and growth of cannabis flowers. These grow in a monitored and controlled environment. Compared to those grown outdoors, they are rich in terpenes. As for their price, they are affordable than indoor plants. The advantages offered by this technique are multiple.

Diminish the presence of pests

The presence of the greenhouse helps to fight against pests and parasites such as rodents, caterpillars, glass, etc. They can damage an entire production. So hemp plants can grow safely. They take full advantage of the natural sunlight and essential nutrients in the soil.

Protecting plants from the weather

The hemp plants are planted under a greenhouse. This keeps the flowers safe from the vagaries of the weather and variable weather conditions. The Greenhouse protects the cannabis plants during the severe winter cold and summer heat. During the normal season, growers dismantle the greenhouse to allow the flowers to enjoy nature. In addition to disrupting growth, inclement weather such as hail, drought, storms, etc. can affect the quality and quantity of your flowers. The Greenhouse also helps prevent waterlogging. Farmers can add other parameters to optimize planting. This includes artificial lights, heat, etc. Important for speeding up plant growth, these elements help create a healthy climate in the greenhouse.

Extended harvest

In a natural setting, hemp plants are planted in the spring. Growers must harvest them in the fall. With the Greenhouse method, it is possible to extend the growing season. This will allow you to improve the yield of your flowers by adjusting a few parameters like light, temperature, etc. This technique allows you to get good quality products with developed flavors. With greenhouse growing, you have the opportunity to enjoy a higher yield ranging from 500 grams up to 800 grams per plant.

A different taste

The CBD flower variety in Greenhouse is characterized by its quality, natural and unique flavors. Offering tasty and gourmet experiences, it appeals to both beginners and neophytes. It also offers a light spice note, fruit and a wood note. Depending on the species chosen, the flowers can have an earthy taste. The greenhouse growing method stimulates the secretion of terpenes. It is a hydrocarbon responsible for the odoriferous property and the flavors of the products. It releases specific fragrances.

Choose Greenhouse CBD flowers, hybrid flowers with marked aromas

Savory, Greenhouse hybrid flowers allow you to enjoy the benefits of each cannabis strain like Sativa and Indica. During the hybridization process, the farmer chooses the species that is richer in CBD and the one with reduced THC levels. Greenhouse CBD flowers are the most recommended for people looking for satisfying effects. Known for their richness in terpenes, they have the stronger flavors. Considering their THC level lower than 0.3%, these products can be consumed legally.

Voluminous and compact, the CBD flowers produced in Greenhouse combine the advantages of outdoor and indoor cultivation. Rich in cannabinoids and low in THC, they offer an authentic taste with a fruity note and an incomparable fragrance. Of good quality, this variety is sold at affordable prices.


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