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Powerful CBD flower

Some CBD flowers contain a higher concentration of cannabidiol. Therefore, taking these potent cannabis strains maximizes the benefits of CBD. Check out our entire collection of powerful CBD flowers for smoking, vaping or infusing here.

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Powerful CBD flowers at Magna CBD

At Magna CBD, our stock consists only of high quality varieties, with a zero THC content. Deliveries are made anywhere in France and free in relay point in 24 to 48 hours.

Our powerful CBD flowers to smoke, vaporize or infuse are not drugs. Their marketing is legal. They present no risk of addiction or psychosis. The anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and analgesic properties of CBD are already known to doctors. However, CBD flowers are not drugs: they are part of a wellness search.

So indulge yourself and discover our full range of potent CBD flowers.

When to buy a potent CBD flower?

Are you experiencing recurring pain? Persistent anxiety? Are you suffering from insomnia? Or, simply, are you looking for a product that promotes relaxation? Potent CBD flowers are for you.

These potent flowers are especially recommended for people already accustomed to using legal cannabis. Sometimes, the effects can diminish over time. Therefore, choosing potent CBD flowers to smoke, vaporize or infuse allows for increased cannabidiol consumption without increasing doses.

Even in non-users, cannabidiol consumption may remain without effect. It is then appropriate to test different intake vectors. And if the result remains negative, it is recommended to switch to potent CBD flowers, but with precautions. Even so, taking potent CBD flowers is not recommended for unseasoned users who should beware of overdosing.

High cannabidiol concentration levels in our CBD flowers

The potent flowers in our stock contain a higher cannabidiol content than other hemp varieties. Their cannabidiol content is thus higher than 10% and can go up to 85%. This high concentration has two impacts on your consumption: the relaxation effect is both faster and more durable. It is obviously advisable to be careful not to consume these flowers before driving.

The selection of varieties is a first step to obtain this high level of cannabidiol naturally. Furthermore, it is possible to enrich them by rolling them in highly concentrated CBD extracts or by spraying these flowers with a cannabidiol-rich soluble solution. Their levels can then rise to 85% or 90%.

Legal, potent and natural cannabis flowers

Obtained by selecting strains with high cannabidiol content, the potent and natural CBD flowers that make up our stock are typically grown indoor or in Greenhouse.

Traditionally, cannabis flowers are grown outdoor, meaning outdoors. This exposes the flowers to the beneficial effects of sun and rain. Nevertheless, this cultivation has a relatively low yield and entails risks related to destruction by climate change and pests.

The indoor culture offers a better yield. It is expensive in terms of facilities, but the flowers obtained are of high quality. Finally, it is easier to control their evolution than in outdoor or Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse allows you to enjoy the advantages of both outdoor and indoor. It is currently the growing method chosen by most farmers. Flowers grown in Greenhouse contain high levels of cannabidiol and lower levels of THC.

The legal cannabis products sold in France contain a low level of THC, which is the main active molecule of cannabis. All the varieties in our stock are therefore legal, potent, natural and of high quality.

Our favorite: the Ringo's Gift potent CBD flower

The Ringo's Gift is distinguished first and foremost by its citrus, mint and spice aromas that give it a tasty taste. Holder of a cannabis CUP in Barcelona, it is among the powerful varieties most appreciated by connoisseurs.

Her cannabidiol content is 24.7%. Despite this potency, the effects of Ringo's Gift are mostly relaxing and soothing. It is consumed by inhalation, vaporization or infusion. It is grown indoors.

The ultimate potent CBD flower: Orange Bud

The Orange Bud is one of the most awarded cannabidiol flowers in the world. It is a must-have for all enthusiasts.

Orange Bud has a 25% cannabidiol content. Grown indoors, it gives off, as its name suggests, citrus flavors. It is mainly used in vaporization and infusion. Orange Bud brings you serenity and calm, and soothes aches and pains.

The powerful and cheap CBD flower: the White Fire OG

The White Fire is ideal if you're looking for a powerful flower at the lowest price. Its woody and sweet aromas are also very popular.

White Fire contains a cannabidiol content of 18.7%. This Greenhouse-grown hemp variety ensures a stress-free, anxiety-free day, but without making you sink into a lethargic state. It is an aid to concentration. It is best consumed in the morning, as an herbal tea or spray.

Modified ultra-potent CBD flowers: flowers with super-boosted CBD levels

Aside from flowers naturally well endowed with cannabidiol, we have a stock of artificially enhanced flowers. Whether rolled in CBD extracts or vaporized with cannabidiol, these strains allow you to enjoy the effects of legal cannabis faster and longer.

They're a great way to get the most out of cannabis.

Their consumption is reserved for advanced users or for the relief of anxiety attacks or intense pain. Of course, their intake should be avoided before engaging in any activity requiring alertness and concentration.

They are not intended for use in the home.

We will only offer you high quality, carefully selected flowers.


The Moonrock has a cannabidiol content of 35%. This level is achieved by enriching the strain with cannabis gland resins, then infusing it in concentrated oil. The flower is finally coated with a little kief.

It is consumed mainly in infusion where it gives off blueberry and lavender flavors. The infusion allows you to hydrate at the same time. In addition, it is advisable to eat while consuming Moonrock.

CBD steroid

The CBD Steroid is one of the most potent legal hemp varieties on the market. It has a cannabidiol content of around 85%. It is relatively rare and is consumed with caution. It is reserved for seasoned users.

It is obtained from flowers grown indoors then wrapped in wax and crystals. Its sweet and fruity flavors make it delicious in infusion. It is to be consumed in the evening, due to its relaxing and very soothing properties. Its effects are intense and long lasting.

The effects of potent CBD flowers

Due to its anxiolytic, neuroprotective, antalgic and anti-inflammatory properties, cannabidiol is frequently used in the form of medicine. The enthusiast seeks these same soothing effects in the consumption of CBD flowers in the form of infusion, inhalation or vaporization. This is a search for personal well-being and not for therapeutic effects. Thus, these legal varieties of hemp will relieve your pain and stress, favor your muscle relaxation, regulate your mood and help you find sleep.

The higher the concentration of CBD a hemp flower experiences, the more easily its effects will diffuse through your body and the longer they will last. Without being considered a medicine, they therefore allow you to quickly and sustainably improve your well-being through the alleviation of pain and anxiety.

How should you consume potent CBD flowers

The different ways to consume these high-quality flowers each have their benefits.

The infusion preserves the components of the plant. It is simple to put into practice. And thanks to it, you get hydrated while drinking. The hot drink is also comforting and contributes to the soothing and anti-stress effect.

The vaporization assures you of quick and powerful effects. Be sure to choose your vaporizer carefully. On the other hand, vaporizing the flower, unlike smoking it, allows you to heat it instead of burning it. This way you preserve all the benefits of hemp. It finally reduces throat irritation.

Finally, for the more inventive, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol in cooking. You now know the flavors released by the different varieties, as well as their properties. It remains for you to mix them with your favorite dishes for culinary creations bringing you all the virtues of powerful CBD flowers.

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