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CBD outdoor flower

The CBD flower, with a low THC content, although coming from cannabis plans, is completely legal in France. You will find here our flowers of CBD cultivated outside, outdoor in English. They are thus better exposed to the luminosity, which guarantees them a taste and a superior genetic potential. Without presenting the perfect aspect of their cousins cultivated indoors, our flowers of CBD indoor reveal their own charm through a perfume and a unique flavor.

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The best of outdoor grown CBD flowers on Magna CBD

Our outdoor CBD flowers are grown in a natural environment. Produced outdoors, the cannabis flower takes full advantage of the sun's brightness. However, the plantations benefit from constant monitoring and protection against any phenomenon related to climatic disturbances as well as against possible pests. Each variety of hemp is by selected for its genetic potential and among the most robust and the most supplied with essential elements. This method of cultivation is more complex to master and requires a particular know-how, which is why only the best varieties are eligible, respecting in this way the best THC levels (0.3%) as allowed by current legislation.

Focus on outdoor CBD flowers

As indicated by the anglicism "outdoor", this mode of production of the CBD flower is entirely natural. It is a culture in perfect harmony with the soil and all the natural elements.The flower obtained by this ancestral organic culture has its own character, which is asserted by a specific taste and flavor. Although more delicate to control, in particular because it is dependent on the climatic hazards, this culture is also the simplest and the most economic.

Cannabis CBD is derived from an extremely resistant variety of hemp that is quite suitable for outdoor production, nevertheless some varieties of plans are more suitable than others depending on the environment. Thus, cannabis sativa is to be preferred in humid and warm regions while cannabis indica is more adapted to cold areas and harsher climates. Therefore, this crop proves to be somewhat risky but the products are of high quality and perfectly organic.

What are the benefits of growing CBD flowers outdoors?

Among the main advantages, let's highlight the ease of implementation of this culture and its ecological approach. In addition, the harvests are generally abundant and the products resulting from this mode of production are of very high quality with a THC rate at the maximum of what the law allows, that is to say below 0.3%.

An authentic taste

In addition, the CBD flowers thus produced are characterized by a naturally woody flavor and an authentic taste.This gustatory quality is the result of the influence of the natural elements with which hemp has to deal. Less appealing in appearance than flowers produced indoors, outdoor CBD flowers stand out for their appeal and unique scent, often tinged with peppery, pine, woody and herbal aromas.

Legal outdoor cannabis: cheaper CBD flowers

Because this method of production is natural and perfectly ecological, it affects the price of the products and proves much cheaper because the producer dispenses with any artificial inputs. In addition, the light and temperature inputs for a hemp variety grown in this way need no mechanical control, only the natural environment intervenes in the growth of the plants. The result is a reduced cost of products, to the greatest benefit of consumers looking for cannabidiol at an attractive price.

What are the benefits of outdoor CBD?

The CBD flowers grown outdoor are, regardless of the variety of hemp selected, products of high quality and which have multiple benefits. There are real benefits, due to their relaxing and analgesic properties, for all those who are subject to stress. At the psychological level, they prove effective to fight against sleep disorders and anxiety. Source of soothing and conducive to letting go, they generate a real serenity and calm all forms of tension due to an overworked life. At the physical level, the CBD outdoor flower is an undeniable asset to alleviate the recurring aches and pains in everyday life, such as migraines for example.

They are also effective in fighting against joint or muscle pain. Reputedly soothing for pain associated with heavy neurodegenerative pathologies, they are a natural palliative source of well-being. Finally, note that they stimulate the immune system and that their active molecule does not cause any undesirable psychoactive effect, compared to THC.

How to consume a CBD outdoor flower?

In infusion, vaporization or ingestion, free to choose your way to consume your grams of CBD outdoor flowers. Each of these uses has its own characteristics in terms of taste and feel as to the benefits delivered by your grams of CBD flowers. Infusion is still probably the most traditional. It consists of letting your grams of flowers infuse in simmering water, as for a simple tea. This way of consumption promotes stress relief and relaxation thanks to the level of cannabidiol present in the infusion.

Vaporization, democratized with the advent of electronic cigarettes, also has its own benefits. By heating your grams of flowers to the lower limit of the burning point, you can feel the positive effects of cannabidiol immediately. For up to three hours, you will perceive each note as if it were independent of the others. Ingestion, less common, yet has some interest for some. It is advisable to bake your grams of flowers at a temperature of 160 to 175°C. Use them then to raise the taste of your dishes.

CBD Outdoor or Indoor: which CBD flower to buy?

Quality, THC rate, price remain distinctive criteria. How to choose then? The outdoor culture produces flowers with a lower THC rate but the price remains lower than those grown indoor. To this lower price, are added the benefits of an organic culture respectful of the natural environment of the flower. Still, some varieties prove to be better suited to indoor growing, especially when it comes to certain hybrid varieties. Indoor cultivation also benefits from a better control of all production parameters. Your choice thus rests on your preference in terms of respect of the environment or safety and variety of the production of your flowers of CBD.

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