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CBD or therapeutic cannabis, containing cannabidiol, has been on the market legally for a few months. It is available in several forms: oil, flower, resin,  Very quickly acclaimed by patients for many conditions and diseases, would CBD be beneficial in the treatment of hypertension and low blood pressure?

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What is hypertensionl

Hypertensionl or high blood pressure is a common disease on every continent. Hypertension is characterized by the increase in blood pressure in the arteries.
As we age, the arteries and veins in the body become narrower and/or lose elasticity. For this reason, high blood pressure usually begins after age 60. However, for genetic reasons, hypertension can occur in younger people. High blood pressure can occur in patients with certain diseases, such as diabetes.

Also, harmful lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol consumption, a diet too rich in fat and salt, or a sedentary lifestyle can lead to early high blood pressure. Occupational stress, anxiety, are all factors developing this disease. A patient is considered to have hypertension when their blood pressure exceeds 14/9. This is then referred to as mild hypertension. Above 18/10 is considered severe hypertension, the subject's health is in danger.

The forms of high blood pressure

According to medical studies on the disease, two forms of hypertensionl coexist:

  • Primary hypertension due to aging and lifestyle
  • Secondary hypertension present during diseases (diabetes, kidney disease or cardiovascular conditions)

Primary hypertension is accompanied by effects such as:

  • headaches including upon waking
  • shortness of breath even with moderate exertion
  • dizziness sometimes while sitting
  • vision problems: flies in front of the eyes, blurred or partial vision
  • nose bleeds

The consequences of continuously high blood pressure are serious for the body. Without prompt diagnosis, abnormally high blood pressure results in the development of a breeding ground for stroke, heart attack, myocardial infarction, renal failure.

How CBD can relieve hypertension

Medical management of patients with this condition consists of drug treatment. Effective treatments for high blood pressure will decrease hypertension by widening the arteries and decreasing their contraction.
However, taking medication must be accompanied, if necessary, by weight reduction, limiting salt in the diet, stopping alcohol, smoking, resuming significant physical activity.

In addition, reducing stress and anxiety is a crucial element in managing hypertension and improving individual health. Yet reducing work-related stress, for example, is very difficult.

CBD is a solution in the fight against anxiety.
In case of hypertension, CBD can be used in addition to drug treatment and a radical change in lifestyle. CBD can relieve this disease and related health pathologies. Cannabidiol, the molecule present in CBD, has soothing effects on the body and nervous system.

In fact, cannabis is known to reduce stress, anxiety effectively.
Whatever the products containing CBD and the form of taking cannabidiol: resin, flower, capsules, oil, in infusion, inhalation, combustion or ingestion, they come in addition to and in support of a comprehensive management of the patient's health.

First, cannabidiol brings an almost immediate relaxation to the human body, from the first consumption. The subject relaxes, the muscles are relaxed. The cardiac rhythm is going to slow down, to stabilize.
Then, at the mental level, the catch of cannabidiol calms the subject who is going to relax and to reduce his state of stress. His sleep will improve and consequently, his global health. Cannabis acts on the addiction to toxic products. The need to consume tobacco or alcohol will be less strong. Thus, the blood pressure will decrease.

What is hypotension?

Hypotension is a lowering of blood pressure in the arteries. A hypotension is diagnosed when the blood pressure test shows a pressure below 9/6.
However, some individuals live permanently with low blood pressure, without manifesting major health problems.
Although hypotension appears less dangerous to patients' health than hypertension, it keeps them in a state of continuous fatigue and depression. The effect of hypotension interferes with daily life through discomfort and poor health. People with low blood pressure never feel fit, never perform at their best. They feel as if they are on a permanent diet.

Some people are more vulnerable to the risks of low blood pressure:

  • elderly people
  • pregnant women
  • people with heart disease
  • people with diabetes
  • people with varicose veins
  • patients with nervous system diseases such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis

Medical studies have shown that alcohol consumption is likely to worsen hypotension. Similarly, some medications, such as antidepressants, anxiolytics, vasodilators, diuretics, or neuroleptics, lower blood pressure.

They are also known to cause low blood pressure.

The forms of hypotension

Studies on this disease distinguish three forms of hypotension: current or chronic hypotension and two forms of hypotension that are episodic, not lasting:

  • orthostatic hypotension
  • postprandial hypotension

These last two forms are present overwhelmingly in the elderly.
Orthostatic hypotension occurs only when there is a sudden drop in blood pressure as a person stands up, gets to his or her feet, rapidly. The risk of falling is then important. Some symptoms of hypotension are common with hypertension:

  • headache
  • shortness of breath
  • dizziness, especially when changing positions

The other effects of low blood pressure may be

  • cramping
  • a depressed state
  • a disturbed digestive system with diarrhea and vomiting
  • sweats
  • persistent fatigue, asthenia
  • constant thirst
  • a pale complexion

These symptoms should raise alarms and prompt consultation.

How CBD can relieve low blood pressure

Most doctors do not prescribe drug treatment for chronic low blood pressure.
To reduce orthostatic hypotension, some medications may be effective in controlling the blood system during sudden movements.
In case of chronic hypotension, and in all its forms, better lifestyle and basic rules should be followed :

  • stop all alcohol consumption
  • modify one's treatments if taking medication
  • anticipate all movements
  • do some relaxation

While the effect of CBD is a relevant consideration in people with high blood pressure, cannabidiol would not be effective in cases of low blood pressure. It is not recommended to use cannabis if you have low blood pressure.

What are the effects of CBD on hypotension/hypertension?

Studies on the effects of CBD (oil, resin, flower, capsules) are progressively expanding. We know more and more, thanks to several works and studies, the role of CBD in the management and improvement of certain pathologies.

CBD and arterial elasticity

Cannabis improves arterial elasticity. Blood flow is more fluid, regular. Blood pressure decreases.

CBD and the cardiovascular system

CBD, by improving arterial elasticity, lowering stress levels, regulates blood flow and heart rate. Consumption of CBD, even in small amounts, such as CBD oil, appears to reduce arrhythmia.

CBD and fluid retention

A diet too high in salt can exacerbate already high blood pressure. To accompany drug therapy, doctors recommend that patients eat a low-salt diet. Salt from processed foods is the most difficult to track and reduce. However, the water retention present in some patients slows down the elimination of salt.
Cannabis will help reduce water retention and participate in the regulation of blood pressure.

At the end of the day, does CBD show promise in regulating hypertension and hypotension?

Yes, studies show that CBD shows promise in regulating hypertension, while its use would be rather harmful in hypotension.
In hypertension, patients who consume CBD, in the form of oil for example, will benefit from the well-being and relaxing effect of cannabidiol. The patient will reduce his stress and anxiety.
Finally, CBD acts directly on the elasticity of the arteries, water retention and regulation of the heart rate, thus lowering blood pressure.

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