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Experience our different hash or CBD resins of the highest quality made by Plant Of Life. Therapeutic cannabis resin is an enthusiast's purchase or very often a purchase for chronic pain relief. With it you get access to a gentle way of consuming cannabidiol. You can inhale it, vaporise it, but also ingest it by mixing it with your food. The flavours are infinitely varied to satisfy all palates. Moreover, as far as legality is concerned, they all come from hemp plants with a THC content of less than 0.2% and are therefore fully authorised in France. Browse through our varied and very fruity assortment.

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CBD resin, what exactly is it

CBD resin is also known as Haschich. It is derived from CBD flower resins from the plants of Indian hemp. It contains a high level of CBD and is obtained only from the pollen or flowers of a female cannabis sativa plant. There are three types: the Moroccan, the Afghan and the Lebanese. The cannabis resin cannabis CBD is highly prized for the medicinal benefits of its cannabinoid molecules. Since CBD is one of the main active ingredients, it also has interesting flavors and a delicate flavor.

How does it work?

CBD resin has many therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides some of the effects of cannabis(anxiolytic and analgesic effects) while limiting psychotropic. Also, CBD resin benefits from a relaxing and soothing power very similar to a natural sedative. It acts directly on the brain and some receptors of the nervous system to relieve muscle aches and pains with true wellness.

It is one of the medicinal plantsused to decrease the addiction to certain substances (the heroin, the opium, the ecstasy, the weed, the dopamine, the cocaine...). In addition to being effective in the fight against these drugs, CBD resin facilitates intestinal transit by relieving some gastric disorders in passing. It is also reputed to be an effective antidepressant and would even appear to be useful against schizophrenia

To which category of people is it most suitable

The first people to be affected by ingestion of CBD resin are smokers who wish to quit smoking cannabis, cigarettes, marijuana plants. .. CBD (extracted from hemp seeds) is a real asset in overcoming toxicomaniae and enduring weed. The resin is also suitable for people with depression. Similarly, if you suffer from chronic pain or recurrent anxiety attacks, CBD resin will also be very useful. However, it should be noted that CBD resin isnot a medicine, but rather a fairly effective means of relief that accompanies in the fight against an ailment.

How to consume it

CBD resin can be consumedin several ways: Take it as an infusion, inhale it, vaporize it or incorporate it into your cooking recipes. In the latter case, opt for meals that don't require long cooking times, as CBD quickly denatures on contact with heat. Failing that, you can simply choose inhalation or vaporization. Some models of vaporizer are even designed specifically for cannabis use. As for inhalation, take a bowl and put the resin inside. Heat it up and then inhale the vapour. Under no circumstances should you considersmoking the CBD resin. By smokingthe cannabis herbyou are exposing your body to harmful effectswhich we will discuss below. 

Is it safe for your body to consume CBD resin

It's a fact:using marijuana makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. However, the psychoactive effectof THC can cause psychosis, nausea, hallucinations... This is why marijuanais often considered illicit. Conversely, CBD is a medical cannabis that does not contain psychoactive substances or other elements very detrimentalto the body

In contrast to consumption of marijuana, consuming cannabis medicinal in France is not illegal. The same is true for the culture of medical cannabis and the extraction of the cannabis seeds to obtain CBD. Of course, the use of cannabismust follow some indispensable rules. In this regard, the use of cannabisor CBD resin does not expose you to the hazards of cannabisas long as the THC content of the base hemp plant is less than 0.2% (the finished product must have zero THC content). CBD resin can therefore be said to be non-psychoactive

It has a medicinal character and participates in health risk reduction. However, it is not uncommon to encounter some side effects such as decreased concentration or saturation of your receptors brain for example. For beginners, regular consumptionof resin is strongly discouraged especially at a dosetoo high.

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