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What are our cheap CBD flowers? What are your cheap Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse flowers? So many questions you ask us before buying cheap CBD with cannabidiol.
Find on this page all our cheap CBD flowers and buy cheap CBD flowers of different varieties and cultures !

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Magna CBD is known for:

  • the quality and effectiveness of its products.
  • their excellent value for money.
  • the selection of responsibly grown hemp plants.
  • the controlled origin of its products: traceability.
  • the sale of therapeutic products in compliance with the legislation, in France and Europe.

Our team of specialists does everything possible to ensure the best quality/price ratio on the market and to offer you an outstanding service, including delivery times and costs.
The loyalty of our customers and the positive impact of our products on our most recent customers testify to the benefits of using our inexpensive products and the appeal they generate.

Explore our catalog of best value CBD flowers

In our catalog, our flowers (in stock) are sold in 5, 10 and 20 gram bags.
The 5 gram bags allow you to test a new flavor or gradually increase the cannabidiol level in your evening tea. They are also intended for novices.

Regulars prefer 20-gram bags, with which they benefit from increased value and the free addition of 5 grams.
If you only use a few grams of product, the rest can be stored in its original packaging. Your stock should be stored in a cool place, protected from moisture and sunlight.

Each of our products (in stock) is accompanied by its description and a "Characteristics" sheet. You thus have all the information necessary for a responsible purchase at the best quality/price ratio on the market: origin of the products, cannabidiol rate (expressed in percentage), aromas, flavors and family.
Don't overlook the product's family; it indicates the variety of the cannabis plant from which the buds in our catalog originate.

Although the Cannabaceae family is made up of multiple genetic groups of cannabis plants, the CBD flowers in our catalog are primarily harvested from Indica and Sativa varieties.
Without wanting to induce a comparison or present one variety of medical cannabis as superior to the other, the main differences are notable on the period before the buds are harvested: geographical origin, flowering period, yield.
Once the flowers are harvested, dried, and processed, it is primarily the potency of these products that depends on their family of origin, or mixtures from both families.

The therapeutic effects of the cannabidiol contained in different flowers may be greater in one or another while the essential benefits are common to all.

For example:

  • increases concentration.
  • enhances creativity.
  • relieves nausea.
  • regulates depression.
  • opens the appetite.


  • improves pain.
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • favors restful sleep.
  • acts against stress.
  • has an anxiolytic action.
  • opens the appetite.

Warning, a high dose of Sativa can trigger psychedelic effects while conversely and under the same conditions, Indica will have soporific effects.

CBD flowers, powerful and cheaper

The power (or strength) of our budget CBD flowers is a criterion of quality. It is expressed by the total cannabidiol of the products in our catalog, depending on the origin of the hemp plant family: Sativa, Indica, or mixtures from these two families.

Among the criteria that define the quality of our products, the method of cultivation of hemp plants plays a big role: outdoor (outdoors), indoor (indoors) and greenhouse (under glass). Each of them implements, in its own way, the three elements essential to any culture: soil, water and light.

CBD outdoor flowers cheap

Outdoor growing (ourdoor) has been used since the origin of cannabis. Repositioned with new methods, it corresponds to the production of legal cannabis flowers outdoors.

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor cultivation
In the outdoors, the cultivation of plants remains natural, without special physical facilities. The impact on the environment is completely controlled and the cost of production is lower than in the other two modes: indoor and greenhouse. The plants benefit from the nutrients in the soil, from watering by rainwater, and from the light and heat of the sun. This exposure to the natural elements is advantageous when the elements are mild. more resistant than those grown in sheds (indoor) or greenhouses (greenhouse).
Outdoor cultivation can be supported by the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, which must be natural to minimize the impact of nuisances generated by harmful products. By being the result of organic farming, the buds are of better quality.

Inexpensive indoor CBD flowers

The indoor cultivation is newer, but also much more delicate. To a great extent, it requires the very good mastery of producers located in Switzerland and Italy.
It is a culture that settles at the beginning of the 20th century, when the consumption of cannabis is prohibited and the cultivation in the open air becomes too "showy".
The indoor culture is more demanding than the outdoor culture. It requires human intervention and equipment that replicates ideal growing conditions.
The sheds that house the hemp plants then have an ideal temperature, cycles of artificial light due to the radiation of UV lamps and an adapted hygrometry rate.
The producers go as far as modifying the rate of CO2 contained in the air, in order to comply with regulations.

Advantages and disadvantages of indoor growing

Indoors, buds offer superior quality and delicate flavors. Although the yield is very high, the quality of the crop is opposed to an environmentally unfriendly culture and a relatively high cost of ownership.

Low-cost CBD greenhouse flowers

If you're having trouble choosing between the natural flavors of outdoor flowers and the controlled quality of indoor buds, you can opt for a middle ground: the range of greenhouse grown flowers. Grown in a greenhouse, these plants enjoy controlled humidity while retaining the benefits of natural light and warm sunlight.

Advantages and disadvantages of greenhouse cultivation
Hygrometry is precisely controlled and cannabis plants are not exposed to the weather. Greenhouse cultivation is more expensive than outdoor cultivation.

Faced with these three modes of cultivation, the observation is similar to the previous one: whether it is indoor, outdoor or greenhouse flowers, none of them shows a better quality than the others.
Your choice depends once again, on your tastes and the pathology for which you want to obtain positive results.

CBD flowers: outdoor, indoor, greenhouse and potent at smart prices

The comparison of these three types of cultivation is summarized with the list of peculiarities of each:

Outdoor cultivation:

  • the buds are lighter but also, more relaxed.
  • the shade of outdoor flowers is the darkest.
  • subjected to the vagaries of weather, the flowers are less beautiful.
  • their flavors are revealed in woody, earthy, herbaceous and sometimes even, peppery notes.

Indoor cultivation:

  • the flowers have a high cannabidiol content.
  • the concentration of terpenes is high, which provides fruity and well-developed flavors.
  • the taste properties are optimal.
  • the buds are usually resinous and quite dense.

Greenhouse cultivation:

  • controlled hygrometry.
  • different flavors: woody, earthy or fruity.
  • the cannabis plant enjoys the benefits of sunshine.
  • limited risks against the weather.

Whatever the method of cultivation, our prices remain the best on the market. Our bags (in grams) of flowers containing cannabidiol are not expensive, and accessible to all budgets.

Popular CBD strains for all budgets

Although all of our products are effective and offered at very affordable prices, some are more popular than others.

The CBD flower "Mango Haze" (16.9%)

The "Mango Haze" is a well-known strain, derived from a Sativa cannabis plant. Even though they provide strong sensations, it is ideal for novices: antidepressant and painkiller (muscles, joints and tendons), it promotes creativity and improves concentration.
Her aromas are sweet and mild, with authentic flavors of exotic fruits, such as mango, papaya and banana. Its buds are of medium size and are grouped at the top of each head. The "Mango Haze" flower stands out thanks to its orange and red hues.
You can consume it as a vaporization or infusion.

The "Moon Rock" CBD flower (35%)

With highly regarded effects, this is one of the most popular products among insiders. The "Moon Rock" flower is derived from the Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush strains. It undergoes various treatments that give it the visual appearance of moon rock. This flower has blueberry and lavender flavors and unsophisticated sweet aromas.
The sensations it provides are intense.
Before consuming it as an infusion or vaporizing it, it is recommended to eat and hydrate well.

The CBD flower "Ice Rock Blue" (82.5%)

Originating from a Sativa L plant, this is a very potent variety, with over 800 mg of cannabidiol per gram of flower.
"Ice Rock Blue" can be grated and used in conjunction with another CBD flower variety. It then acts as a flavor and potency enhancer.
It's icy mint flavor makes it very pleasant in infusion or vaporization.
The high content of "Ice Rock Blue" in cannabidiol is one of the highest, destining its use to the most sophisticated.

New species of CBD flowers with the best quality/price ratios

Our producers are committed to innovation and bring new things. This is a good example of how useful the 5 gram bags are. Always sold at very affordable rates, you can test the new species of CBD flowers at the best quality/price ratios.

The "Blue Dream" CBD flower (11.4%)

The "Blue Dream" is a hybrid. It's a cross between the Haze variety and the Sativa-dominant Blueberry variety. It is one of our premium products, which offers an exceptional feeling of well-being.
It provides serenity, focus and motivation while promoting productivity. It has an anti-stress, anti-depression and analgesic action for chronic pain, such as headaches and muscle discomfort.
The scent is subtle, with notes of blueberry and a slight touch of citrus (ginger).

The "Alpine White" CBD flower (9.5%)

The Alpine White flower is grown in Switzerland, in the open air (outdoor), in a mountainous region. This variety has multiple benefits, both physical and mental. Analgesic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory of the digestive system, it strengthens the appetite, ensures restful sleep, improves mood and motivation, and promotes relaxation after exercise.
It has a slightly earthy aroma, a bitter and powerful taste, and a woody scent with notes of citrus and fir.

Magna CBD: your e-shop for cheap CBD flowers!

Magna CBD is YOUR "CBD e-shop".

Our products are for all adults who want to improve their daily life without straining their budget.

Magna CBD markets products from the hemp plant for their quality and potency. CBD shows real organoleptic effects. It is used to combat stress, depressive states, pain, inflammatory phenomena, etc. It is also the perfect ally against nausea in a chemotherapy protocol during cancer and in the anticipation of epileptic seizures.

The majority of the flower stock in our catalog is consumed primarily as an herbal tea or spray. We strongly advise against smoking them.
Before infusing your flowers, associate them with a fat (oil), in which you macerate for a minimum of half an hour. Under these conditions, the products develop the maximum of their power.

The legal cannabis flowers, on sale cheap in your Magna CBD e-shop, are derived from hemp plants mostly grown in Italy and Switzerland. In order to be in a total transparency, we thus validate the obligations of traceability.
All our products have a THC level lower than 0.3%, in order:

  • to respond favorably to European constraints,
  • to avoid psychotropic effects which act at the level of the central nervous system and are likely to modify mental activity, and
  • to not generate any risk of dependence.

Our approach to selling cheap stock CBD products is part of the willingness to fulfill everyone's needs, without budget being an issue. Whatever your goal and expectations, we are able to promise relaxation and wellness at the best value!

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