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Have you ever heard of CBD? These three letters are now known to many. They stand for cannabidiol, that is, the second active ingredient in cannabis. The first, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is considered a drug by virtue of its psychotropic effects. It is therefore illegal. This is not the case with CBD, which is perfectly legal and whose merits are now clearly established. In addition to having positive effects on the symptoms of epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, it has a soothing effect, showing its effectiveness against anxiety or depression in particular. CBD can be consumed in different forms, but it's the CBD flowers that, in a few grams, will bring you the most richness of enjoyment. So whether you're a long-time CBD enthusiast or you're keen to discover the soothing virtues of cannabis for the first time, without the devastating effects of THC, we've selected the best indoor CBD flowers for you. For anyone looking for the highest quality hemp flowers at the tightest possible price, you just have to make your choice!

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What are the benefits of indoor CBD flower growing?

True enthusiasts know that nothing can now match the quality of indoor production. Traditional outdoor hemp growing is too subject to the vagaries of the weather, whether it's heat or humidity. This does not ensure optimal quality for the flower. With indoor cultivation, we have perfect control over every stage of the development of the hemp plant, regardless of the variety. This allows us to guarantee CBD flowers of exceptional quality, with unparalleled richness of fragrance.

Light control

Growing outdoors is dependent on the amount of light received from the sun. This is uncertain, irregular and difficult to predict. It is therefore difficult to ensure the optimal development of the plant. With an indoor culture, in what is called "dark rooms", the luminosity is controlled at each stage of growth of the cannabis plant. The amount of light, as well as its strength can thus be regulated to promote the full bloom of the flower.

Better room temperature management

For each variety of hemp flower, there is an ideal temperature and humidity environment to ensure the plant's proper development. Too much dry air, or conversely too much rain, weakens the qualities you'd expect from a premium CBD flower. Growing outdoors does not control these factors, unlike growing indoors.

Indoor CBD flowers: best value CBD flowers

Our selection of CBD flowers was made on extremely strict criteria. We only offer you the best varieties. We thus guarantee you scents and textures without common measure with certain products with the reduction proposed by unscrupulous salesmen. Choosing an indoor grown flower means choosing a powerful flower. But this quality comes at a price, indoor cultivation is indeed more expensive than outdoor cultivation, taking into account the necessary equipment. For all that, we are extremely careful to offer you prices as tight as possible, whatever variety you choose, and whatever quantity in grams you order.

Strong CBD flowers

Growing outdoors results in buds that are often small due to random weather conditions. This results in less developed and therefore less potent flowers. With indoor cannabis cultivation, the entire process is controlled, from germination to harvest. This results in much higher cannabidiol levels than with outdoor cultivation. The rate of CBD for an outdoor culture only very rarely reaches 5%, while it can be much higher for an indoor culture. Concerning the THC, the rate remains lower than the legal threshold, namely a rate of 0,3 %. So you can enjoy the powerful effects of our CBD flowers legally.

Expressive aromas with accentuated terpenes

Indoor cultivation is now favored by consumers who want to make the most of the aromatic richness and diversity of each cannabis strain. This aromatic quality is due to terpenes, the organic compounds that give each variety its specific aroma and flavor. Their quantity in each flower is related to the intensity of the light which the plant benefited during its growth. These terpenes can, in the case of a culture in outside, impregnate itself of the environment and end up oxidizing, thus affadissant the aromatic richness of the flower. When grown indoors, the quantity of terpenes is maximal and they are preserved from any oxidation. This allows the flower to retain its taste, flavor and aroma until consumption.

CBD Indoor or CBD Outdoor: which flower to choose

Proponents of outdoor growing are fewer and fewer today. Their arguments are twofold: outdoor growing is more environmentally friendly and it is cheaper, allowing flowers to be marketed at more attractive prices. Of course, everyone can understand this. But the advantages of indoor growing are incomparable. The quality is always there, contrary to an outdoor cultivation which is much more random. The aromatic palette offered by each flower, of each variety, is without comparison. Would you rather pay less for a product with uncertain and irregular quality or pay a little more a premium quality product whose every gram will bring you total satisfaction?

Buy your indoor CBD flowers on Magma CBD

We hope we have convinced you of the undeniable superiority of the quality of indoor flowers over outdoor ones. Now let us convince you to buy your CBD flowers from Magma CBD.

We are committed to the quality of our products. We only work with cannabis growers known for their expertise and commitment to zero pesticides. This is a guarantee for your health, but also for the environment. In addition each of our flowers benefits from a high level of cannabidiol, without THC, ensuring you powerful effects, from the first to the last grams.

Our offering is one of the widest on the market. You will have only the embarrassment of choice in front of all these flowers, all more attractive than the others. We assure you an optimal quality for all our products, whatever the chosen variety.

Another commitment on our part, the price! Our prices are studied to be the tightest possible and you will inevitably find a product that will match your taste and your budget. For powerful effects, at a small price and for all grams! We also ensure a fast and discreet delivery to your home.

In short, you understood it, for all your orders of indoor CBD flowers, for a few grams of relaxation, it is well to Magma CBD that you should call. We are waiting for you!

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