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Amnesia Haze : origin, characteristics, forms, consumption, benefits

Many varieties of cannabis are legal today. Among them is the Amnesia Haze. It is widely consumed in the world, because it is very rich in cbd. With its high concentration of cannabidiol, Amnesia Haze has many effects. However, to better understand this high quality cbd, we suggest you find out everything you need to know about Amnesia Haze.

Amnesia Haze: origin

When you take the cannabis, it divides itself in three lines. On the one hand, you have sativa, on the other indica and finally you have a hybrid resulting from the crossing of the first two. The cbd Amnesia Haze is from the hybrid source. Because of this, it is possible to believe that its concentration in THC will be high. However, this is not the case, because the THC level present in Amnesia Haze cbd is lowered so that its potential comes out to the maximum.

In addition to having less THC, the Amnesia Haze hybrid is highly concentrated in cbd. You can find at least 20% of cannabidiol, which is why it is highly appreciated by the general public.

Amnesia Haze: characteristics

Each strain of cannabis has its own particularities. As far as Amnesia Haze cbd is concerned, it is characterized first of all by its high cbd content, which is between 15 and 20%. Contrary to cbd, the THC contained in Amnesia Haze is very low, 0.2%.

The Amnesia Haze cbd is also characterized by its genetics. Indeed, it is a hybrid of cannabis with dominance sativa. Inside the cbd Amnesia Haze you have 70 to 80% of sativa and 30 to 20% of indica.

The production of cbd Amnesia Haze is done indoors in an organic way without adding genetically modified organisms. The flowering time is 10 to 11 weeks and you can harvest in October. It should be added that the cbd Amnesia Haze has a great strength and has a lemon-peppery-woody-herbal aroma without forgetting the earthy and floral nuances.

Amnesia Haze: forms

You can find Amnesia Haze in many forms. It can be in the form of flowers, wax, resin, capsule, cream, pollen, oil or even crystals. However, the forms of Amnesia Haze do not have the same value or play the same roles.

The flowers of the Amnesia Haze cbd undergo a post-harvest cleaning before being sold. At some levels, they will be trimmed before being marketed.

The wax form is Amnesia Haze cbd oil that has undergone crystallization. It is generally in the form of a dry wax and is friable. It must be said that Amnesia Haze cbd wax is totally different from cbd crystals. The process of obtaining is different, because the heating of the oil in this case is done at low temperature. Afterwards, the oil is cleaned of solvents and residues by whipping. Finally, it should be added that the wax is highly concentrated in cannabidiol.

The resin of Amnesia Haze comes from the flowers that are used for its production. It is a smooth and fatty material.

The pollen comes from the trichomes of the plant. It is first collected from the Amnesia Haze flowers and then heated. After heating, the pollen is put into a ball form and marketed.

As for the crystalline form of cbd Amnesia Haze, it should be remembered that it contains almost 99% pure cannabidiol. The crystals are in the form of a very fine powder a little like crystalline ice.

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Amnesia Haze: consumption

Consumption of the flower

The Amnesia Haze cbd flowers are consumed by vaporization or infusion.

By infusing the flowers, you can easily take cbd Amnesia Haze like herbal tea. To do this, you need to boil water, add a fatty substance and then put the cbd Amnesia Haze flowers. With this preparation, the molecules present in the flowers will be able to diffuse better in the preparation. It should be added that the infusion takes a little time (about 30 minutes) before the first effects appear. If you do not infuse, you can also incorporate it directly into your meals.

The vaporization must be done in a specific way with a vaporizer. The goal is to inhale the cbd vapors.

Consumption of wax

The wax of Amnesia Haze cbd is consumed by mixing it with food or drinks. While preparing your meals, you can introduce the wax inside your preparation, or you can inhale it by dabbing or vaping. With the latter method, you must mix it with an e-liquid in order to get the maximum benefit.

Consumption of the resin

The consumption of the Amnesia Haze cbd resin is comparable to that of the flowers. You can therefore inhale it, incorporate it into meals or infuse it.

To vapourize Amnesia Haze cbd resin, it is recommended to crumble it before putting it in the container provided. Do not put too much if you want to have a good combustion and benefit from the qualities of cbd Amnesia Haze.

Amnesia Haze: benefits

The benefits of Amnesia Haze are numerous. Indeed, thanks to this cannabidiol, you can :

Relieve chronic pain

Amnesia Haze is highly concentrated in cannabidiol. Therefore, it has effects on a number of chronic pains that patients suffer from. Multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis or arthritis can be relieved with Amnesia Haze.

Fight against the side effects of antidepressants

Many people take antidepressants. These treatments often lead to dependency. Numerous studies have proven that the cbd Amnesia Haze has the possibility to fight against these side effects. Indeed, it would have anti-addictive properties. You will no longer be addicted and you can relax without fear.

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