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HHC: a dangerous cannabinoid more powerful than CBD ?

HHC is a synthetic molecule that stands out for its effects on the consumer. Far more potent than morphine, HHC has similar benefits to THC, except that it is a synthetic derivative.Developed in a laboratory through a hydrogenation process, this molecule has the ability to relieve pain and alter a person's mood.

What is the HHC molecule

The HHC or hexahydrocannabinol is one of the molecules found in the hemp plant after the extraction of cbg. It is the cannabionoids recognized for its power to calm the most intense pain. Indeed, the HHC has properties that give it a power that exceeds that of morphine. Often compared by consumers as THC by its effect on the body, HHC is nothing more than a derivative of this molecule. Products from this molecule come in the form of oil, resin and hash.

In contrast to the other cannabionoids present in France, HHC is still the subject of several studies by scientists in the field. To truly know this molecule is therefore difficult in that there is no possible comparison. As for its effect, the repercussions on consumer health are not yet precise even though the molecule is now sold at an affordable price on French territory.

How to make HHC

How to do HHC?

To be a quality product to be marketed and consumed in France, HHC must follow a strict manufacturing process from CBG. The procedure used to make HHC is called hydrogenation. Although you have never heard of this technique, you are already consuming products from this process. When you eat margarine, know that it is a transformation of vegetable oil through hydrogenation.

In order to become a consumable product, the HHC resin must be extracted from the CBD contained in the cannabis. We can list this step, the conversion process. The product obtained from the cbg is then going to be distilled and then isolated to obtain another form, that of powder. We talk about HHC powder for hash design.

During the conversion and extraction process, a metal catalyst must be used. This is used to add hydrogen v into the hemp CBD. Although this process requires care and patience, each of the steps must be respected. You should know that making the molecule without equipment can become dangerous.

The risks come from handling the catalyst. This equipment is known to be a device that ignites if used incorrectly. Thus, you can suffer from explosion hazards at the time of use if you are not careful. Therefore, the manufacture of HHCs is up to experts who are capable of handling this type of high-quality equipment.

What are the effects of this molecule?

As stated before, HHC oil and resin are still at present the subject of several studies by scientists. The effect of consuming HHC in the form of oil and resin is not well specified. According to the results obtained from consumers, this molecule acts on the mental and physical.

The effect of this product varies depending on the dose consumed and the individual's ability to assimilate the product. In the majority of cases, the HHC that comes from cbg allows one to relax and unwind. People who experience insomnia problems are those who take this product in order to promote sleep. Users of this product experience the same effects as after taking THC.

The benefits and advantages

The main benefit of HHC is that it provides pain relief. By acting on the consumer's nervous system, HHC becomes a powerful pain reliever that helps to calm pain. Other benefits of HHC include mood enhancement. This molecule allows for a feeling of relaxation instead of stimulation. People who suffer from anxiety and stress enjoy the benefits of the molecule based oil, as the product is soothing.

Concerning the benefits of these potent cannabionoids, they allow you to enjoy a longer shelf life. Cannabionoids are UV and heat sensitive molecules. HHC products do not degrade easily when exposed to oxygen. The shelf life is long compared to CBD, THC and CBG cannabionoids. In addition, the method of extraction of this component of cannabis does not incur significant costs. The equipment is easy to find, but requires skill to use and obtain a quality product.

Is HHC a psychotropic molecule?

HHC is the product obtained from the molpsychotropic molecule of cannabis named THC. The composition and price are similar to that of THC since it acts on the endocannabinoid receptors. However, opinions still differ regarding the effects of HHC on the consumer.

HHC, is it dangerous?

Since the discovery of this molecule until now, studies done on HHC-based products do not show any health hazards. On the other hand, hexahydrocannabinol is not counted among the natural products from hemp. Therefore, the consumption of hash products in high doses can have negative impacts on the body and mind, but the component remains legal.

The difference between HHC and THC

Legal THC and HHC hash are two very distinct molecules derived from cannabis. THC comes 100% from hemp and gives euphoric as well as psychoactive effects. On the other hand, HHC is defined as a synthetic molecule of THC. It comes from a creation in a laboratory. Being able to cause an effect on health, the taking and marketing of HHC has been possible in France since 2022.

The differences between HHC and CBD?

CBD and HCC are products derived from quality hemp flowers. The use of products made from these two molecules differs and is legal depending on the user. In some cases, it happens that these two components are combined to have a more balanced effect and more stability. The difference lies in the effects sought by the consumer and the price given that the power of HHC is much greater than CBD.

In what forms is HHC found?

Marketed legally in France, HHC products meet strict standards. To be able to consume products based on this quality molecule, you have the choice between several forms present in online stores offering attractive prices:

  • the resin
  • the vape pen
  • the flowers
  • oil
  • the hash

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